Cricket Part II


Yeah, guessed something like that.

Just woke up this morning and saw the pic and thought it looked funny!


Bangers bowled out for 43. WI made 406 in reply.

Stumps day 2 Bangers are 6/62


Aussies 2/26 chasing zimbabwe’s 151. Finch/carey gone. Embarassing loss almost certain.


I wouldn’t say almost certain. One partnership gets going and it’s still an easy target


Solomon Mire is going ok for the Zimbos.

Was playing Premier for Essendon 2 or 3 years ago after settling in Hamilton in the Western District.


Need 24 off 4 overs…Maxwell 56 and Head 44


Maxi out. Maddison in. Could there be a twist.


As Warwick Todd would have said to Maddinson as he passed him “sh*t shot, mate”


And Head holes out. 13 needed off 10


Aussies win with one ball to spare.
We’re competitive with probably the worst team in world cricket.


So 7’s line-up:

Alison Mitchell — English cricket commentator
Lisa Stahalekar
Mel McLaughlin
Abbey Gelmi — Former Fox Sports presenter
James Brayshaw
Ricky Ponting
Tim Lane
Bruce McAvaney
Damien Fleming
Michael Slater
Glenn McGrath
Greg Blewett
Simon Katich
Jason Gillespie
Brad Hodge


McAvaney… FFS!!!

You just get the feeling they need a wicket soon, don’t you Ricky?


Bradshaw,Bruce,Fleming…have mercy on us all

Then throw in Hodge telling us how awesome he was. Better make sure the mute button is working on my remote


I like Fleming.


The Kat!

Some good inclusions and some bad ones.


Exactly what I was expecting from 7.


Bring back channel 9
Brayshaw, mcAvaney and Slater, ■■■■ off


I wish they would bring back the touring commentator like channel 9 had in the 80s and 90s


Bring BT in.


christ. how many commentators do they need.