Cricket Part II


Actually they need a lot, they’ll be covering a test in the day and a bbl game in the evening from another city through most of January


Roaming Brian in the Indian change rooms would make for interesting viewing.


good point.


Tim Lane
Bruce McAvaney
Damien Fleming
Michael Slater

Kill me now!


Just reading that the team will work as follows:

-3 ball by ball callers - Brayshaw, Lane and Mitchell
-hosts - McLaughlin and Brayshaw
-expert commentators to share the load with Gillespie doing Adelaide test and Katich doing Melbourne and Sydney tests
-Hodge to only be the Big Bash special comments person
-McAvaney only involved in Melbourne and Sydney tests and doing lunch time interviews


I’d be really interested to see what happens when someone takes a catch. “Really good presentation of the dukes there by Paine.” Or Starc with an inswinging Yorker “STARC, THE BIIIIIIIIIIG BENDAAAAAAAA!!! THAT’S ONE OF THE BIGGEST BENDERS I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!”


Viiiiirattt Kooooohlllliiiii




You just feel the next wicket is important, don’t you?


But that’s got to be followed by Ling piping in with some meaningless stats.


Brayshaw’s cricket commentary is underrated - overshadowed by how much of a douche he is on MMM/Footy show.
He’s actually not bad.

No Healy, who will happily tell you the bowlers are right on top as the batsman hits consecutive 4s. Has to be an improvement.


Glad they’ve brought in some ladies, they actually know what they are talking about and don’t resort to all the blokey BS.

Bruce could be good, he still relatively good at the non footy stuff he does.


Tim Lane? Wtf kmn

Would love to see BT do a bbl, think it’d be worth a giggle

Most important thing though is how they are directed by their producers and the like.


oh my… i didn’t even notice his name when i read through the list. Why Tim Lane…just why!


This will be the key above all else. If they let them talk cricket and not get hampered by all the blokey garbage- it should be good.


Ponting is usually good at that, Chappelli like


I agree, I like his cricket commentary. I cannot stand his AFL commentary though, especially with WA/SA teams playing. I don’t care about some bloke who dominated the WAFL/SANFL in the 70’s and 80’s.


Tim Lane as a ball by ball caller of sport is excellent. His issue is when he puts his opinion forward absolute rubbish comes out.


Tim Lane is one of the nastiest, most smugly superior, condescending excuses for a human being you could ever meet. Absolute turd of a thing.


Just saw Bruce made the comment during an interview with Peter Donagan over the weekend on SEN that he could commentate on cricket on a basic level but he wouldn’t be able to add the insights required like Marsh got out playing the same shot 3 seasons ago. Interesting point to note. Wish he would stick to this with his footy commentary rather than the blokey/matey stuff.