Cricket Part II


Not disagreeing but his moment to moment commentary of sport is first class. If he sticks with that I will be able to handle it.


I did Spanish classes with a young lady whose widowed mother was walking out with the widowed Tim Lane. I was extremely circumspect in my comments about him (I think I called him a cabrón and a pendejo and even a coño azul). This was 2013 so emotions were high.


They will be, just haven’t settled on anyone yet.


I’m just so happy to not see Basil’s name on the list that I’ll willingly accept everyone else on it without issue.


Google Translate really does not like that last one. I know azul is blue, and I’m going to assume the other word may have some anatomical reference?


Pretty sure it’s a slang term for frontbottom.


If that’s the case I reckon he’ll be decent, probably more an interview style commentary, asking questions of his fellow commentators and the occasional player interview


Seven also hired Dirk Nannes.
I like this choice.


Because David Barham is a fan. He called him THE voice of his generation for cricket on the radio.


Tom Gleeson needs to be involved too…at least on the ABC.


ABC radio is going to be cactus unless they can get Adam Collins to go full time.


He’ll go with SEN. Worked with them in South Africa.


TBF, I grew up listening to Tim and as a pure commentator he is very good. His personal opinions and outside commentary speaking is pathetic though.


When he was at his best Bruce used to do a lot of research on the game of footy and was able to slot in those little anecdotes seamlessly. He hasn’t been the same since Commetti retired. They complemented each other very well.


He hasn’t been good for at least 10 years.


Yeah he and Commetti were both going down hill fast. Commetti did the right thing and retire, Bruce held on…deliciously.


Jimmy Maher and Jim Wilson also on board but not noted above.

Bruce might be doing a lunchtime cricket show type thing not so much commentary from what I’ve heard


They both just became caricatures of themselves.


Cyril’s retirement could put Bruce right over the edge.


Kerry O’Keeffe has joined FS