Cricket Part II


Stokes is fired up


Two out in 3 balls for Stokes

8/142 needing 194


39 to get with two poles left in the hutch. What a match!


1 left now


Should be England’s now


Cracking game


32 to go


And it’s over… England win by 31 runs


What a game. Stokes may have to watch the remainder from a goal cell…the again he’ll probably get off with a fine and the victim much richer


A fit and firing Stokes is massive for England. Has the same effect on the team and fans that Flntoff had.

Even know they lost Kohli should of been named MOTM, Curran did play very well though


Jennings you selfish flog! That was plumb! Don’t waste a review!!


Stokes shouldn’t have been playing with the charges laying over his head. Or I should say, if he was an Australian, then CA would have already given him a life ban and probably locked him up themselves.


Cook gone. 2-32


Why? Innocent until proven guilty

Didn’t seem to effect him at all


Stokes didn’t look innocent on the video footage when it first surfaced and now the stories are coming out in court it’s confirming he is a downright thug.


Wasn’t drunk. 3 plus pints then a heap of vodkas, and doesn’t remember a lot of the night. Yeah…right!


Drunk or not, he could have killed that guy, there are no excuses.

Ridiculous that a bunch of guys lose 12 months of their career for rubbing a ball with a bit of sandpaper, and this guy was caught on camera being a straight up thug.


England doing it easy.


Surely he is allowed to play until the trial actually starts though?


Some fine displays of chinless bed-wettery in the stands with the full MCC regalia of red and gold blazer, tie AND cap. With some fine squadron-leader tashes being rocked as well.

One clown had a beautiful boater on instead of the cap…no doubt with his furled brolly and rolled-up copy of The Times.