Cricket Part II


On Handscomb… He 100% had to be dropped when he was. Confidence was completely ■■■■■■■ shot. Literally had no idea what he was doing at the crease. But on a horses for courses level, he would’ve been one of the best selections we could’ve made for the UAE. Sure a ■■■■ better than a Saffer who averages 30odd at shield level.


You can’t count the contribution the marsh brothers made to our second innings in just runs.



Usman’s turn around in form on turning decks against spinners is remarkable.


They’re a pair of boobs


Through to lunch unscathed


scathed just after lunch though


100 to Khawaja, has played a great match

Maybe he stays as an opener


Respek to Carjacker.

Shocked at his turnaround to spin.


My god that was so plumb


Pleased that we are showing some fight. Imagine if we didn’t have 2 Marshes playing…


Is there streaming radio


At the risk of a jinx Paine was awkward early but is showing some real doggedness.



Comment edited by mods as it was a blatant attempt to Jinx Australia by an Englishman.


Time to have a crack for 5 overs. These two can score very quickly.


But we can collapse quicker!!


haven’t we thrashed the Prisoner Of her Majesty’s service out of you yet


this is awesome - just lying here doing a bit of work, glancing at cricket stream on air play into telly and a blitzin.

both look set. collapse immanent.


To be honest if we lost from here having a crack it would be completely forgivable. However losing 5 wickets in 15 overs is still tough to do - even for us. Also you can have a crack and alway shut up shop again if you lose a wicket or 2.