Cricket Part II


Siddle lbw




Ni-night, foggy.


And if he holes out, he gets crucified.


go for the win.



Wow. Who was the jerk that shoved him?


Julien…why did they run 2? Paine needs to take all the strike.

2nd ball of the over, you dill.


David Warner


Worst comment ever. Why would they run 2 - Paine needs to be facing.


He’d have abused the suitcase out of them by now, with a few cracks about bacon, booze and bombs.



One of my pet hates in test cricket is how captains stop trying to get the established batsmen out when batting with a tailender. Makes is so much easier for the batting team.


This is gripping. Cmon fellas, dont let Uzzie innings go to waste.


Good rules question…

That second last ball where Paine was hoping to run 3 and retain the strike, but the ball actually reached the boundary.

What’s the go if the ball stops inside the boundary, and the fieldsman kicks it over the boundary?


Think it’s a 5 run penalty on top of the 4?


Well played Lyon. 48 balls to go!


Good 50 by the skipper.


How did that not hit the stumps!?!?


great captains knock thus far, well earned kudos