Cricket Part II


Was typing, but don’t think so.


lol. knicked it by the looks


I wouldn’t be relying on the fielders going up in unison as an indication that it was out. Never have, never will.

Judging by the huge unanimous shout for lbw that pitched outside leg, hit outside leg and wasn’t coming back.


I might rewind in six balls time.


eyes deceived me. nothing on snicko


6 balls


I like chapelli and his general observations on the game but he was absolutely ridiculous having a crack at langer over using visualisation between sessions. his logic was utter garbagolic rhetoric about him canvassing for his position or some ■■■■■.

langers been one of the most successful first class coaches for the last ten years and we are luck y to have him. I thought chapell being as imaginative as he was with his captain would identify with what langer was doing. and it obviously worked to some extent.

he comes out with utter tripe at times.


why run




Eases pressure.
I agree with it, personally.


Comfortable to say this result would have never happened with Lehmann as coach.


1 to draw!




Well played.


I blame the Marsh brothers.


That was great stuff.




Honestly can’t believe they held out. Well done to Australia. Considering how far back in the game they were, that’s as good as a victory.

Amazing test match


Uzman man of match?


Great work. Super start in winning back the Aussie public. Paine demonstrating why he is skipper. Khawaja standing up as our most senior batsmen with very handy innings from
Finch and Head. Super result.