Cricket Part II


And Paine.
Never batted a decent innings to save.


Khawaja to open from now on, Warner to 3 if/when he comes back let him play the Ponting counter puncher.


Has to be.


Motm for mine.


timmy paine
they said youd never make it,
this ones made for you.
made for yooooooouu


Reckon Paine might have had @nickyd working some magic for him!


plus half a mil down here.
miss nickyd


Paine gets MOM. A cheque for $1200 Aussie!

Amazing that the best batsmen of the match also gets the same cash prize. No award for the best bowler!


Someone mentioned a match in the 60s before, but in all my years of watching, I hardly remember us batting out for draws. Always ends in heartbreak or a complete cluster ■■■■ collapse.

I remember one in the ashes 05, where Punter batted for ages and we held on with 9 down and Whitney against Hadlee at the MCG and maybe a match in Perth 15 odd years ago, but that’s it really.

Of course there was Gilly/Langer against Pakistan in Tas, but we won that so it doesn’t count!

Great gutsy effort. What Aus cricket needed after the last few months.


Having said that we will probably find out in 5 years that the match was fixed


Did I ever mention he’s a Tasmanian.
Yes we are still insecure


There was that test in 1998 against South Africa when we batted out the last day for a draw. Mark Waugh hundred and the hit wicket not out controversy


Immense test from Carjacker.

True grit from Paine Train. I knew he had it tho.


Ahh yes!!!

Thank you.

Bill and Richie were arguing about it from memory!!!


60/61 draw was in Adelaide I believe.


He has not been one of the most successful FC coaches - and not even particularly close.
Was at WA for 5 seasons I think (not exactly sure when he left, was it after the 16-17 season??), for 2 x 2nd places on the table, and lost both those finals.

Meanwhile Vic have won 3 in that period.
He’s done alright in the limited overs stuff - won 2 of the domestic one day cups with WA. And probably some BBL or something, who knows.


And WA last year had a couple of really major collapses that weren’t due to the wicket.


Got off the track after training last night thinking “she’ll be all over” but at that point we were 4 down and Head had just been dismissed. I thought “we couldn’t save this, could we?” and all the way through as we got closer and closer you just thought that a wicket would bring the whole house of cards down. There was a late scare but job well done, one I didn’t think this current team had in us. Hell I wouldn’t have backed us to save it even if we had Warner and Smith! It was a strange way to save the game because we still played our shots to a large extent. When South Africa or England play for a draw, they pretty much refuse to play any shots at all. I’ve seen AB De Villiers make 36 off 250 balls to save a Test. But Lion-hearted efforts from Khawaja, his finest hand easily, and Paine. Lots of discussion whether he’s worthy of his place in the XI, let alone as skipper, but we saw the qualities that he brings to this team. He will never play in Gilchrist fashion, but he is technically sound, discipled and a batsman who can dig in. Still plenty to think about for Abu Dhabi. Do we recall Renshaw and put Khawaja at 3 and drop one of the Marsh brothers or Labuschagne?


Hard to imagine a Mitch Marsh led side, stacked with Test players like Cartwright and Agar, being fragile.


Fair enough.
You cant argue that he turned around a shi te organisation in WA into something half decent.
Which is the kind of thing the national team may be after.