Cricket Part II


■■■■-hot T20 side but!


2004 SCG Test against India too. It was an epic game. India made 705 in the first innings with a Tendulkar double century. It was also Steve Waugh’s last game and he ground out an 80 in the last innings. Katich pretty much got us home in the end.


I won’t say Warneys emotionally intelligent as a four year old but constantly ripping into Steve Waugh because he dumped him once makes him look as emotionally intelligent as a four year old.


Gotta give credit where due, great effort to hold onto the draw. Excellent innings from Khawaja and Paine.


the question is who does he hate more Waugh or Buchanan?


Warney hates anyone that calls him out for who he is and will throw scorn down on that person accordingly.
No one else bothers because everyone knows how painful a whinging 4 yo is.


How selfish of him.


I tried to use my reciprocal MCC membership to get into the SCG for that game. Minimum $85 and that was well over 10 years ago. Bugger that…paid general admission.

Pretty sure the MCC is far more generous with reciprocal members.


I’ll join Warne. Steve Waugh is a flog.


The last person that said I’ll join Warne ended up front page of the daily mirror.


The only disappointing thing about Steve Waugh is that he didn’t record enough of his career for public consumption.
A real enigma.


Shane Warne has more positive drug tests than the entire EFC, in its history.


I agree, @Reboot.

His reputation as a captain was attained simply because our team was head and shoulders above everyone else.


Bit like Buchanan’s


Marsh brothers averaged 5 runs a dig in that test


That’ll be enough to ensure they are selected in the next tour squad




I really hope the windies get their $hit together one day soon


Watching them fold on a good track today was depressing. If that eleven contains the best of batsmen playing at first class level in the West Indies then they are doomed for decades.
Terrible techniques, poor shot selection, lack of discipline - reckon most of their batsmen would struggle at first grade level here.


Time to give up on those hopes i reckon.
I’ll be stunned if they’re ever good again