Cricket Part II


That English girl is delightful and although skull looks like one of the melting nazis at the end of the lost ark he is still tremendous value.


Get the CA app through your phone and you can stream it through an x box or apple telly if you’ve got one


Oh good. We’ve got a plan to get better then?(Other than pick everyone called Marsh, obviously).

Sometimes teams play ■■■■ under certain coaches cos the coach isn’t very good.


Stop being silly. He was only appointed as coach of 22md May.


4-1-12 I make it (in internationals.)
(3 of those wins against Zim and the might of the UAE)

You’re OK with that?


The coach’s relevance in cricket is about on a par with the physio. You don’t want anyone incompetent around elite sporting teams but the coach has very little to do with match day performance. They might have more relevance to building a successful culture over a few years.

Australian cricket is rotting from the head. The players quite rightly would have no confidence in the Board or executive and communicated this by boycotting the review. The ACB haven’t got the players’ backs, rather they are trying to re-appoint and protect their own, whilst over reacting to public pressure re the player bans.

It is time for a clean out and a rebuild starting at the top. That was the obvious take away from the review.


Reckon the full board decided to throw Short in at 3, or just the chairman?



At least with every humiliating loss the calls for the 3 suspended players to come back will get louder

This is the worse thing Australian cricket side I’ve seen. Our batting has been on a downward slide for 10 years and there’s just nobody ready to step up from state level. I would love to know how many batters average 40+ at state level, reckon it would be minimal


We’re playing a 20/20 team as a ODI team, so 150 is about on target for us.


Looking at win/loss under the current setup and after inheriting a shattered side is pretty useless and incredibly disingenuous.


Could’ve played this at the WACA given all the empty seats. ODIs have been on the decline in terms of crowds for years, missing your 2 best bats doesn’t help getting bums on seats either. How ■■■■-poor has the ground fielding been?


Is Lynn’s shoulder is so bad that he can’t dive around in the field, why doesn’t he get surgery and fix it up during the off season


Strange that some blame the demise of batters technique on T20 - It doesn’t seem to have the same impact on other national teams - Maybe the batters aren’t talented enough.


So we need a full year of seeing the side play like this to accept he’s not the right bloke? 2 years? 4?
We won’t get close to getting out of the groups at the WC, at this rate.


All players, worldwide, play a lot of T20s, from juniors on up. There hasn’t been a worldwide collapse in batting techniques. It’s a furphy.

I think you can sometimes blame ■■■■■■ shot selection on T20s, particularly in the first game or two back after T20s. But most guys are pretty good at shifting the mindset now.


By the numbers…
Coulter-nile our best bat
Stoinis our best bowler
What a day


On the ABC, some clown was lamenting the absence of Shaun Marsh.

Well, there’s a waste of my 8 cents…probably about 3 cents after a few years of coalition governments.



Simple examples are saffers and poms. Off drives, cuts. Glances all on show. Mix it up in the middle order with some paddles and reverse stuff.

The new bats and batsmen friendly pitches have encouraged correct technique for 50 overs if Nything

They all seem to switch back to 20 20 or test as seamlessly as you see what I did there.


The longer that Bancroft is missing the better he seems to be! Stats suggest he is ordinary at best.

Batting and fielding averages

Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 4s 6s Ct St
Tests Insights on test 8 14 1 402 82* 30.92 880 45.68 0 3 56 1 11 0
T20Is Insights on t20i 1 1 1 0 0* - 0 - 0 0 0 0 1 0
First-class 76 139 11 4910 228* 38.35 11336 43.31 11 20 583 18 101 1
List A 41 39 5 1224 176 36.00 1573 77.81 1 9 93 21 35 1
T20s Insights on t20 25 20 5 502 75* 33.46 390 128.71 0 4 37 14


He’s no Rogers or Bailey, I’ll give you that.