Cricket Part II




Mitch Marsh just tonned up in Brisbane. Y’all know he’s gonna play in Adelaide…


31st time’s a charm.


He’s slightly better than that at home.


There is a middle ground between the full Mitch Marsh and giving guys 2 games to cement themselves in absolute thrashings.

He was 2nd top scorer and had 2nd most wickets in the last Test match we played. And actually dug in and held up an end in that 2nd dig, when the “leaders” couldn’t wait to get out.
IMHO he did enough.

overall, yeah, he’s far from cemented. But deserves the chance. IMO.




He’s not test standard.


He’s not shown it, yet.
He has shown some character. That’s worth something

The obvious solution is to pick all the Test standard™ bats we do have. But that still leaves us with 6 batting spots to fill, and a keeper.


Not aided by giving your two best batsmen the most ridiculous suspension imaginable.


That may be so but goddam that’s one sexy name



Michael Clarke, Andrew Symonds and as maligned as he was Shane Watson were all more than handy with the ball and could actually bat. None of them were liabilities in the field like Marsh is either


Watson’s probably the one I was scratching for. When mark waugh bowled his mediums probably shaded him . Symonds was handy.


Averages 20 at test level. 33 at Shield level. He shouldn’t have played to begin with. As many others have been told, go back and scored a lot of runs in the Shield and earn a place. He was gifted a test to begin with.


■■■■■■■ PATTO ■■■■■!!!


“Most of the better players” coming out of WA?
What the actual?

They didn’t have anyone in either the top 10 run scorers in shield last year, or top 10 wicket takers.
So far this year they’ve got no-one in the top 10 runs and 1 bloke in the top 10 wickets, albeit after only 2-3 games.

Shaun… let’s call him Jones… was Test class, for about 4 minutes before his body broke down. IMHO he’s the only genuine Test player they’ve produced in a decade or so, since M Huss.

Cartwright, Agar, M…Jones…, Bancroft, Darcy Short, Richardson, Coulter Nile. They’ve had a crack at a few.


Tassie getting back on top now.
Henriques in.
For such a young and inexperienced captain goes well.


Moises? wot

He’s neither young nor inexperienced. And he’s a plodder of the highest order!


Lay off the crack, man.

he’s been playing shield since 2006.


In a world where Mitch… Jones… is a Test player, Moises Henriques is Bradman esque.