Cricket Part II


SA tailed wagged with them all out for 287...Holland 7/82

All from 7-11 made some sort of score, from 17 to 57.


Just playing for time now. The result was a mere formality at the coin toss


Must have been a road for SA to get over 200 :stuck_out_tongue:


Holland bowled exceptional. Pitch doing exactly as a I was told it would. Flat and hard for the first 2 days and then keep low and provide heaps for the spinners on day 3,4 and 5.
Once the Vics batted through the first session most people knew it was all over


Apparently Kohli donned the whites and took over the presentation, saying he's breaking off all contact with Australian cricketers. Not that I saw it but I saw a bit of the Back Page.

I'm sure that will cause most Australians no end of upset. They're even down on Smith calling Vijay a fucking cheat. Didn't look good on the replay. Vijay mightn't have realised it wasn't a catch, but he had to know it wasn't a clean catch, as in straight into the hands.


Is it pronounced Kholi or Kanye?






It was reported that the bcci released the video of wade sledging Jadeja about being useless overseas and thats why he was mainly picked in India. I didn't think that was particularly bad except for the fact 8 of the 11 Aussues playing had no right to be calling someone else useless playing away from home. But interesting that they chose to highlight that. I'm sure there's plenty of interesting banter that went the Aussies way including stuff that would need to be translated. If you're going to highlight one side you need to balance it out.


Didn't Wade get the keeping job only because it turned out the other guy was sh*tter than him?

Anyway, Smith is a batting genius, what a pleasure to see P Cummins bowling for Australia again and U Yadav and is a genuinely good fast bowler who hopefully for India, should make good use of Australian conditions on the return series down the track. He'll need a partner though and it doesn't look like I Sharma is the guy.

Brilliant series from the start. Really enjoyed it.


Yep it was a good series. Shame the Aussies gave in easy on the last one but it was great to see a fighting series where everyone was uncertain right up until the last day essentially.


I think it was released in retaliation to the Australian media reporting what had been said by Jadeja


South Africa saved by weather in NZ.


Vics 5-170 with Finch on 75 and Christian 8.

Cam White hasn't made a run since the BBL. Huge Kookaburra half-season, shite Duke half.


Lead of 370, obviously batting for time at this stage. Still need to bat into tomorrow and hopefully with a lead in excess of 420


It is one thing for the media to release such information or report in certain ways, it is totally different for the board of the team to start releasing these type if videos. It is not proper for them to pit it on their official channels.


Meh.. As far as I am concerned it is one group of tools complaining about another group of tools. Either way.

The moaning from Australia and it's media here has been ridiculous. Today an article where Merv Hughes let everyone know he thinks Kohli is a flog. Seriously. The Australian cricket team would need a more credit in the bank before it starts pointing the finger at anyone else.


NZ unlucky mate


6 down, 454 ahead. Christian and Gotch have so far batted for 39 overs. One day to play so 96 overs minimum with the asking rate already at 4.5 and climbing. Vics won't declare so up to S.A. to take the last 4 wickets very quick.

Although last 4 wickets in first innings fell within 4 overs so anything is possible


It's over and has been for some time. Think we will probably bowl you out just after lunch and the game will get called early unless we collapse