Cricket Part II


Australia has maintained its world number 1 ranking in whinging.


Not true, India took that mantle after the series was won by them.


Vics rolled for 323
Zampa massively improved from his 1/322 in the first dig - 2/86 this time around - and South Australia used 8 bowlers!!

South Australia 2/15 chasing 524. Might be tricky.
Holland already on in the 4th over, Pattinson has been dragged after taking both wickets.


Another SS for the VICS


3 in a row

Pretty impressive performance given most of the middle order, including the captain, are touring in India (Stoinis, Handscomb, Maxwell & Wade)

SA pretty much at full strength.

Chadd Sayers super impressive year, again. Getting hard to ignore, particularly with England coming up.


I must admit I was surprised he wasn't picked ahead of Cummins (not that the selectors got it wrong though).


The selectors will always pick Cummins, whether he's proved his fitness or not.
They don't rate Sayers cos he doesn't bowl 145km/h


Yep, McGrath never would of got a game under these selectors


Yes he would have.


Cummins, Starc and Pattinson have two things that Sayers doesn't - sheer pace and raw hostility.

Sayers has to fight with Hazelwood and Bird for a spot.


And no one likes his brother Leo.


More like Uncle than brother.


So my ashes team looks something like:



Like it. OKeefe and Marsh out from the last match with Starc and Khawaja in.

Only change I'd make is Smith to number four.

And I'd love to see Swepson get a gig.


Yeah, probably Smith to number 4.

I'd personally love to see Sayers get a gig as he's been burning the house down in SS but Hazlewood is too good to replace and Cummins has proven himself in India.


Did they can those 2 tests against Bangladesh that were scheduled for August?


Not confirmed either way yet. Apparently they're still a chance (might depend on whether our security team thinks we will win or not).


Would love to see Patto in for lyon just for the fact to see 3 hostile fast bowlers going at it. Need Lyon for balance though


Exactly my thought. Patto pretty unlucky to miss out but the balance of the other three just edge past him. Carries the drinks but only just. If only we had the same competition for spots among the batting. If Wade was better with the bat you could possible make the case of putting him up to 6 as Starc, Pattinson and Cummins can all bat a bit. But, you fark with the keeper at 7 thing at your own peril.


O'keefe fined for innappropriate tweets after steve waugh medal. $20,000 fine and suspended from matador cup. Anyone know what he said?