Cricket Part II


Many would agree with you but it seems that interest in the game is in serious decline. CBA has dropped it's sponsorship of CA by 70% and KFC is doing the same.


I find that hard to believe, Big Bash is very successful, I would have though that interest in on a massive up. CBA fair enough, as they don't sponsor T20


Apparently KFC are winding it down.


Chickening out?


Boom Tish!


Winding it down to a poultry amount apparently.




Nice one Virat:


No longer in their breast interests…


I hope you guys are not giving the Colonel a ribbing.


Ryan Carters has retired at 26. He wants to focus on his work and study outside of cricket.


Well they are, but it’s not a pre planned thing. They are winging it.


There goes Reboot with his nuggets of info.


Hi spam



I’d say probably only Parsons knows.


Sometimes. You just have to stand and applaud.

Bravo sir. Bravo.


and it keeps heating up with Starc threatening back:


Australia vice-captain David Warner has declared the players are prepared to forego a home Ashes series to preserve the fixed revenue-percentage model at the heart of the dispute between Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers' Association. He also said players would turn to domestic Twenty20 tournaments if pushed out of contract.

In a blunt riposte to the threat of the CA chief executive James Sutherland that players will find themselves unemployed if the ACA did not accept the outline of the board's current pay offer and return to the bargaining table, Warner told The Age that all players were united in rejecting attempts to break up the foundation of the current MOU.


I think James might be playing this one wrong.