Cricket Part II


And it continues


Kumble the dictator is going, going...


Narrow escape for india in their champions trophy warm up against Bangladesh... defending 324 they scraped it in bowling the deshi's out for 84


Arguably got away with one vs the sheepshaggers. 3/50 chasing 290 and washed out.
Also apparently Henriques is the Australian #4 bat now. FMD.


The two reserve bats were Stoinis and Lynn so actually a thin squad from a batting perspective

Amazing they didn't find a spot in the squad for a Marsh


Anyone see Zampa's haircut?


Looked like something died on top of his head.


I assumed his brain died and that's what grew from that?


Gotta love cricket in England, Aussies second match also washed out and now they may not make it through the next round.


Were 1/83 and the end of 20 overs the Duckworth Lewis par score was 39, but due to the fact we did not bat at least 20 overs it was declared a no result.


Read an interesting article today about the England vs South Africa game at the 1992 World Cup where due to a rain delay South Africa had to score 22 runs from one ball.

What I didn't realise about that was that there was actually a reserve day to allow for the game to be replayed if it was washed out. But Channel 9 refused and demanded there be a result that day.


Clearly the 20 over rule is an issue. However the argument against this is that the target goes up as more wickets fall. From what I have seen we could have lost 3 more wickets and not scored any runs during the 4 overs and still won if the rain came after the 20th over was bowled. However if the match was shortened to 20 overs due to the rain and we went back out we only needed to face one ball to win as we would have already passed the target - which doesn't really make any sense.


That is quite interesting. I was a bit sad about it at the time.


Kholi says the loss to SL proves the Indians aren't invincible. No ■■■■! The arrogance is breathtaking.


Purely based on IPL form. That's the only thing I can think of.


Defending 266, kiwis had Bangladesh 4-33 and lost by 5 wickets. Kiwis out of champions trophy


Southee blitzed them early then it all fell apart. Kiwis were bullish about their prospects pre-tournament but that’s an embarrassing way for them to bow out. They were unfortunate against us - had us on toast before the heavens opened up but they weren’t up to it most of the time.

What happens if it rains tonight? We will end up with on 3 points (same as Bangladesh) without a NRR. Do the Bangers go through in that scenario?




looks like rain at birmingham on the uk weather radar at the moment.


Aussies been sent it by the poms.