Cricket Part II


9-277 after 50

Head 71* Smith 55 Finch 60 something

Wade 2, Starc and Zampa ducks, Cummins 4 left Head to bat it out


How we can possibly expect to win with Henriques in the top 4. What a joke. Can't believe Stonis isn't in the XI after his innings in NZ earlier this year.


Henriques is the howlett of the essendon football team. Does a bit of everything not very well. Useless .

Difference maybe henriques is giving oral pleasure to his nsw captain and vice captain.


It's kinda hard to be critical of a batting performance like that with so many guys in their first real hit out


Howlett is much much more useful than Henriques


What a brilliant review :joy::joy::joy:


The fact Henriques has 81 runs in a ODI career that started in 2009 says everything you need to know about why he shouldn't be batting at 4.


If I wanted someone to take a wicket for my life, I think Starc would be right up there. Wasim is probably the other one. The ability to straighten a ball going across a right hander is so good.


2 for! Would love to smash the Poms. What top off an awesome Saturday night.



What a great waste of time for us thus tournament was. No wonder we batted henriques at 4


They got back on it seems. And the poms smashed us. From 3-35 to a 6 wicket win. The interrupted lead up probably cost us here.


Knocked out without even having finished one single game.

Good luck to the Bangas, but ■■■■ English weather.


Seems Zampa got flogged.
Gee there's a surprise, says absolutely nobody at all. I reckon he's the 3rd best spinner in that XI, only because Smith's let his bowling drop off.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing but they should have given Patto a run. Cummins was very underwhelming.


Pattinson should never ever play in limited overs matches. He could go for 100 in 50-over and 50 in 20-over, no problem.


I don’t mind him getting some tap if he’s taking wickets. Given that he’s been playing some County cricket over there the last two months, he must have been worth a shot.


We deserve to lose if we play Henrqiues. He was averaging like 6 pre NZ game.


Shocked to read that the all time greatest cricketer in the history of the universe had a big old fail as the Saffers choked down a big ole 8/50 collapse in the first knockout round. Never mind, he'll have 7 series against the windies next year to restore that reputation.


Your 2017 Champions Trophy winner = RAIN


So I saw an online story that was making a claim against Steve Smith over something. I decided to open it and have a read, I got to the line ..."Darren Berry" and ended it right there. The guy is one very big mouth who thinks his word is gold plated brilliance.