Cricket Part II


Poms in a bit of trouble here against Pakistan in the semi 6-162


That's why he and Shane Warne get along so well.


Stokes stands in the way of disaster.


Never stop being enigmatic, Pakistan. Never. Is there another team in all of sports as bi-polar as them?


There is England, who one day can look like they are going to win everything, then the next day lose everything.


All Asian final now.

Champion's Trophy is the Europa cup of cricket.




sorta fixed


Poor old Poms - can never win these touraments. Remarkable they have never won either the Champions Trophy or the World Cup. Every other one of the big 8 have won one or the other.


we deserved to lose last night. Some really poor shots and Pakistan played very very well.

We have won a T20 WC though


Not a major tournament!


India v Pak in the final. Assume a TV audience approaching 300 Million?


At least.


Hope the Pakis turn up. Don't mind V Kohli but I can't get enough of his face when India loses. Imagine his face if India lose to Pakistan?


Test squad for Bangladesh announced. O'keefe out and replaced by Agar. Starc replaced by Pattinson. Cartright replaces Stoinis. Both Marsh brothers and Bird out as well (reduced squad v India)


seems reasonable


And that's just in India


What was the thinking about dumping Stonis and replacing him with Cartwright?


No Marsh brothers? What is this madness?


Playing the kids!