Cricket Part III


Nah it’s BBL’s fault


But next year it’s England, West Indies and the Netherlands.
Don’t you think that would make you care a bit more?
Don’t you think it would make you care about the game we’re watching now a bit more?


Not really. 50 over cricket is just not that interesting to watch that much of it


That’s the point.
Right now, it’s irrelevant.
A five nation tournament is anything but.
And the emerging team is important. Good for them, yes.
But we totally need to score 400 in an ODI.
Tell me it’s boring then.
As for the possibility of the Netherlands beating England…

Edit: You can’t cope with watching ten ODI’s over four months?


He did look good, unlikely he’ll stay in the top order when Warner and Smith return though.

He only averages 30 in ODD so it would appear that he needs to work on staying in longer.


You need to appreciate that I come from a background of ten ODI’s plus finals.
As something to build on I thought that innings was very good.



this is a good point

I found it more interesting when 220 or 250 was a good score and it was hard to score runs and it was a contest between bat and ball.

How/why are you spreading it over 4 months? Surely it has to run over a shorter timeframe than 4 months.


I like that controlled risk.
It’s what this game is about.


Ussie playing well, hopefully he bats himself into some form.


We don’t play Ireland/Afghanistan/Netherlands every game.
It’s a necessary palette cleanser.

It doesn’t have to run over four months, but if it suits the touring teams, then why not?
Point is that it can if necessary.


The selectors have jumped the gun dropping Smarsh from the test team. Clearly he’s back in form with 29+ today. He should be rushed back into the test team for the Sri Lankan series now. They just need to work out an excuse to remove one of the guys they’ve picked. I’m confident they can come up with something.


Very pleasing to see that nude half-tracker dealt with.


Mitch Marsh will not be dismissed in this game, bookmark it


I agree with the point about including an emerging team. I said that above. But I won’t necessarily be interested in watching a game where Australia is flogging them and trying to score 400 to boost their NRR. I might keep a passing interest in the scores.

I highly doubt there is a team in the world that wants a 4 month tour these days.
When did India get here this summer? Early December? So they’ll be here for a maximum of 2 months. That’s about all teams/players really want these days.
@saladin - unfortunately I think this is one of the main reasons we’ll never go back to spreading the test matches against one team over the entire summer. It’s pretty much impossible to get a team to commit to touring for that long these days


Average 1st innings total at the SCG in the last 5 matches is 320ish.

Applying the “double your score at 30 overs” rule we will need 50 in the next 5 overs.




Jeez that’s a great looking one day kit.


Helmet lets it down slightly


DRS is a joke on LBW.
It must think the stumps are six foot wide.

That much turn, it was either not in line and hitting or in line and missing.
The width of the stumps is considerably less than a ruler!


Nice little sledge on Dean Jones by Warney a few minutes ago.