Cricket Part III


It was tight


What did he say?


Gilly admitted he was as fan of Dean Jones growing up. Warney asked if he ripped down the posters after he got to know him. Then quickly retracted the comment laughing.


These guys have to open up now.


Makes me worry that we’ve been too conservative though.


It is the off-season for the northern hemisphere sides, there’s going to be more punters (and hence money) in Pakistan-England in Hobart than they’d have pulling their puds at home on the couch.


Onya Shaun. Nice innings so far


They’ve played the middle overs well by consolidating they now need to cash in. Handscomb is good for at least a run a ball and he won’t face many dots, he needs to bat to the end, the others need to go big around him.

We wasted the first 10 overs, which will cost us 40 or so runs.


Is maxwell going to play?


What most people would call a joke.


It would be if it was a test. Needs to get a hurry on and stop looking for red ink


Handscomb looks much better when he goes across the crease instead backing into the stumps

He and Smith would be an ideal pair in the middle overs.


If Maxwell gets a bat he should just tap it around at a run a ball.


Well fk.


This bloke can fkg hit it.


bring on maxwell


Gee, if they want Maxwell to bat for 10 overs just get him to open and tell him to aim for 10 an over


Warnie seems pretty frustrated with how we’re playing.


I wonder if Warne wants Maxwell to bat.


Basher not bashing, not good enough to work it.