Cricket Part III


Where’s Mitch Marsh when you need him?


Can WA secede already?


Stoinis using an ODI to audition for the Test match, bold


Do we really not have one Clubber Lang in the country?


Our 3 best JLT batters are not in this side.


We haven’t hit a boundary for 9 overs, remarkable batting.


Unless someone goes bananas were cooked. Need 290 minimum imo. 300+ pitch


just getting progressively more agitated over this summer watching australia play. totally amateurish.


Whatever happened to Faulkner, he completetly fell of the face of the earth.


what was that? never seen it before…


Maxwell and Handscomb would’ve run a lot more 2’s


Someone explain to me the benefits of your most dynamic batter batting at 7?


What makes you think Maxxie is in next?


maxwell goes in on the 3rd last ball. gets told to get 3 sixes, doesn’t do it, gets dropped from australia a.




The good news is I can feel the tide turning in Maxwell’s favour as far as media commentary is concerned, a lot more pundits starting to question how he has been handled


Im a full convert for kayo sports, and im not willing to sacrifice my entertainment for morals, so its well worth the 25 a month because i watch so much sport in general and it will have the afl too,


LOL. Good point.


Can someone explain why this wasn’t started 4-5 overs ago?


It’s 12.50 a month if you share it with someone else