Cricket Part III


They do, but Australia’s is better. Really surprised India are not going in with 5 bowlers like they have been recently in tests. Puts a lot of pressure on Ashwin to hold up one end


Can’t recall seeing too much of the Indian bowlers recently, doesn’t help that they all have similar names either. Do they still play with a couple swing bowlers and an out and out quick?


They usually have 1 or 2 quality part-timers as well


Anybody got a live stream for the test match?


That is a truly pathetic argument presented in the HUN article by Whateley. Opinion writers like he, Smith & Wilson are quite dangerous. The support he provides for his view is that “it started with Clarke because that’s always been my view”, and we could have gone with my mate instead. Whateley is dangerous as he is able to cloak his random and biased opinions with language which although empty, seems to be a considered rational argument. And his opinions become the opinions of many fans who don’t look past the headlines.


I’d like to see him play some continuous 1st Class Cricket first. But he’s the next logical choice and probably getting closer with Marsh missing out this test.


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This is not a traditional Adelaide wicket though. Hough has left extra grass on it again as per the D/N tests. It’s gonna do a bit, be surprised if it lasts beyond tea on day 4.


They’ve got a decent pace battery now, Kumar and one of Bumrah/Shami/Yadav is gonna miss out this test when they could probably all play. Question will be whether they can adapt to the conditions in Aus and the need to bowl a fuller length.


They’re missing Pandyah which hurts their balance. Relying on Ashwin though is their MO anywhere in the world, he’ll have no impact this series though, just like every other touring finger spinner to come here.


Spoke to Trav last night and he reckons it is still very dry and straw like colour. He reckons it’s bat first every day of the week pitch


99% of pitches are bat 1st pitches, of course this would be no different given it hasn’t rained in a week and they’ve had the perfect prep. However the new rock is gonna zing around a little bit I reckon and even an older ball will have a bit in it for the bowlers who can hit the deck hard (Cummins especially). Be a bit of rough created though as the grass cover gets chopped up around the footmarks.


Traditional opener. Patient, works hard, not the most pleasant to watch but puts a high price on his wicket. Just keeps making runs in Shield.

Has matured over the last 2 years IMO.


IMO we need to stop picking guys off a decent month of form. If he plays well for the second half of shield, he should be in the frame.


I constantly see this guy talked-up, but I just don’t see it. He bowls way too short, doesn’t hit the right areas constantly and bowls at least one 4-ball every over. He’d want to have improved considerably on what I’ve seen previously…


Lol wot? You must be watching a different Harris…


Whately saying things changed when Clarke started talking about “the line”. That Border, Waugh, Ponting never spoke of a line. I’m sure Merv and Pidge went up to that line or crossed it, but previous captains didnt use catch phrases. But l’m sure they told them to pull their heads in, to calm down, to not go too far. Which is essentially the same thing. There is definitely some looking at the past through rose colored glasses.


He’s their most dangerous bowler IMO. Swings the new and old ball and has genuine pace. He’s probably the best reverse swing bowler in the world. You’re right that he has a propensity to bowl too short which is pretty much what every subcontinent or English bowler does when they come to Australia.


Agree that he can be dangerous at times, but he just doesn’t do it often enough for mine and it’s regularly offset by his looseness, particularly if he’s up against two batsmen who are set. Those 4-balls quickly add up.


He seems to think it’s the most batsman friendly pitch he has seen at AO in a while