Cricket Part III


Good nut Gary.


■■■■ off Punt.


PANTsed by GOAT.


Agreed, some far been an immense improvement on 9’s coverage.

Even Tim Lane has been quite good… (now I need to shower)


You dont miss Ian Chappell?


He was actually one of the ones on the 9 team I didn’t mind


I haven’t heard Braaaaayy shaw yet, … and as long as I don’t, I’m pretty happy.


Never mind, reload and have another shot.


Great ball from Cummins there.


Ishant at 9. That’s a fair bit of a tail.


Lyon smelling blood & on fire!


Hmmm, … opinion in flux on Brayshaw now.:thinking:

Just realised I’ve been listening to him for a while and hadn’t even noticed.

Seems way more subdued and mellow away from the Ch9 boys club tossers.


3 wickets, 15 minutes, New Ball.

It’d be nice.


Over 200 now - India could declare now and still end up with a first innings lead


Boom! Mitch strikes!

Edit: Nope, … :no_mouth:


He’s fine as a cricket commentator. He was a cricketer. He knows cricket. When he’s on footy coverage, he needs to go to the blokey ■■■■ cos he doesn’t have the knowledge.


Deserved to be out, even if it was going over.


Could do without Warne at the death, thanks.


Got him that time.


Well deserved to Pujara
Faced almost half the innings (231 del of 504)