Cricket Part III


That might actually improve the taste of Wheaties


He does seem like a lovely bloke. Genuine.

Rhino is ultra Bogan. Went from #Shitadelaide to #Brisbogan! That’s taking it to a new level. ■■■■ me what a champion though!
Top 5 Aussie quicks all time. I would gladly give up my good knee and both hips if it meant he could’ve played another 50 tests!
:heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :star_struck:


At best I was a borderline 3s/4s player in park cricket. And he gave me the time of day, plenty of help. At club level you do get plenty of visiting professionals and coaches down to do various sessions. Some of them are much more giving than others. He went way further than most - and most of them had way worse resumes than him.
In 4 or 5 sessions throughout a year he helped a couple of our young blokes develop into top quicks (in the comp), and push on and win flags. Same with Vic, helped their quicks become the top attack in shield; then England, helped their quicks become the top attack in the world, and back to Vic (won a shield), then Aus.

“Herp derp sandpaper wot a ■■■■” is such stupid, reductive ■■■■■.

I have no insight into what he did or said to you. I can only go on what I know. But my own experience is he’s very, very good at what he does, and plenty willing to help.

I could certainly see him having a bustup telling home truths that he believed needed to be told. Certainly has some fire in him, and sticks to his guns. Very, very believable to me.


Squad for Indian limited overs tour
Finch ©
Cummins (vc)
Shaun Marsh
Jhye Richardson
Kane Richardson
Ashton Turner




So Starc has done a pec bowling on the fifth day in Canberra. Rest him up and get him ready for England.

In more positive news Mitch Marsh is effectively dropped from the ODI squad for the tour to India given he was in the squad for the home series.


Can still him making the WC squad given a seam all rounder has more use in England than India. I guess Turner is there as spin allrounder?
That said, late summer in England the pitches will likely be pretty dry and take some spin in the WC. We may need more spin option in the middle overs.


I would steer well clear of M Marsh for the World Cup. His batting is inconsistent at best on our flat tracks so he will be a walking wicket in England. Also don’t think his bowling is well suited to ODIs.

For me the perfect all rounder to be included in England is Faulkner. His bowling has a lot more tricks to it and he actually knows how to win games with the bat.


Aren’t many surprises in that squad. Stanlake omission on Indian grounds is not too surprising. Kane Richardson probs gets the nod to see if he can be useful at the death. James Faulkner can consider himself unlucky, so can Wade.

Khawaja gives me a head ache. Lynn could have been handy on small grounds.

I like Turner, but I feel like he is a poor man’s Maxwell in ODIs.


Mitch Marsh can average 50 in first class or List A before we even think about thinking about him again.


Underrated with bat in hand as well, his batting average was almost higher than his bowling average.


I’m hoping the other Richardson is the best combination of fielding and batting we have, yes?


I’ve always liked MMarsh as a limited overs player. Much better suited to that than red ball cricket IMO.


I’d be content enough to have neither personally. Faulkner’s bowling has been worked out long ago and his batting ain’t much better. Think we’ve definitely moved on from him.


Better suited but probably no less inconsistent I suppose.


I miss Ryan Harris. I wish his body could have held up more. That Cook delivery was an absolute peach. Just perfect.


How many more chances do you want to give Lynn to prove he’s not international standard? ■■■■ him off forever.

Very one paced batting though with khawaja, Marsh and Handscomb all in the middle order and Carey at the top. Although on Indian wickets I do think Carey might do okay. He’s far more accomplished against spin in limited overs than pace.


It wasn’t inconsistency that ruined his Test career. He used to be inconsistent, now he’s always crap!

Career ODI avg of 35 @ SR93. That’s nothing to sneeze at. Personally I can cope with inconsistency at 7 or 8, if he’s bowling his overs more often than not.


I’d certainly be happy to have him in place of one of Handscomb/Khawaja/SMarsh. But I also suspect those three aren’t all going to play in the same team anyway.

SMarsh, Finch, Carey, Maxwell and Stoinis are locks. Then you’re tossing up between Handscomb/Khawaja/Turner for two more batting spots.


I think ideally MMarsh is fighting it out with Stoinis for one spot (with Turner a little way back)

Can’t hide both of SMarsh and Khawaja in the one field.