Cricket Part III


What hats?


despite how well Finch and Khawaja have batted, I still think they only went at par.


I tend to agree, they’ve laid a great platform but they’ve still left it up to the middle order to score at 10rpo to ice the game.

Super important Khawaja doesn’t lose his wicket and expose two new batsman to Indias death bowlers.


this is about to be Usman’s best ODI score, it is currently equal on 98

now 99 and on his best score


The Indians are wearing army camo caps


Yeah it is unusual


Maxwell is hitting them everywhere, and looks nice while doing it.


100 for Khawaja!

Khawaja out and they send in Mr Slow


The ground has a mote


right when we needed to accelerate we have slowed right up to a crawl

we will be lucky to make par at 330 unless SMarsh goes for it


Does it have a beam?


screw you Smarsh, run out our best player

have you ever heard the word “wait” Smarsh? ever? Hits it straight to the fielder and runs, leaving Maxwell stranded.

last 5 overs: 25 / 2. Marsh doing a stellar job of soaking up the balls and not scoring. Then gets out. Loser.


Let me revise, we will be lucky to make 300 at this rate.

You can’t have Smarsh and Khawaja in the same ODI side, they are the same batsmen and soak up a hell of a lot of balls.


How does Handscomb get a gig


who knows?

Overs 40 - 45, the launching pad time: 28 runs 3 wickets 1x4 and 1x6


Carey and Stoinis don’t seem to have any intent to hit the ball, they are looking for singles…3 singles for the 46th over, lovely work.

Apart from the first 3, the rest have been terrible and robbed us of a extremely good score. Smarsh should be dumped for running out Maxwell who looked most likely to keep the scoring going.


Yes the hat are showing support for their armed forces. Interesting that a Pakistan born player goes out and makes his first ODI hundred against them. Sure that wasn’t well received by some.


They almost run each other out about 4 times. Clearly not suited to batting together.

Horrible effort in the end not to get 350 plus.


Finch, Khawaja and Smarsh all play the same game. 6rpo, take care of their own average and then get themselves out when their team needs them to cash in during the finals overs.

These days you need 1 opener to attack the first 10 overs, then have your other opener and your number 3 or 4 play low risk-6rpo through the middle overs before attacking at the death.

We are too safe and yet not safe enough.


Seemed to work ok last night.