Cricket Part III


Playing in that stadium must be crazy. Indians are the most passionate cricket fans in the world, absolutely packed to the rafters. The noise would be insane


0-2 down and won 3-2. Give the team some great confidence heading towards the WC.


We’ve been pretty scathing of the cricket side, but that’s an outstanding (and fairly astonishing) series win.

The bowlers in particular, to have India rattled in every match in their own conditions was outstanding.


I am fairly sure that this is the first Aussie side to come back from 2-0 down and win the series.


Yep it is. Real, real resilience seems to have gotten in this group. Great confidence booster for the world cup


Listening to SEN, people are upset Smith gets to walk back in now…FFS…he is one of the best cricketers we’ve seen. People forget so quickly!


Some people get upset over a cup of spilt milk.

Was talking with a bunch of English cricket fans last night while watching the game. They want nothing more than for Australia to leave Warner and Smith out of the team.


I can’t see how Finch will get a game when they get both Warner and Smith back.


He’s the captain.
Both Smith and Warner need to come back in and get the rust off. The pace attacks they will face will be better than those they faced in Canada.
Probably with Warner is that we will have 3 left handers at the top plus Carey. Maybe Marsh gets squeezed out for Warner and Finch moves to 3 or 4?


I reckon it might be more because of what the team has done without him and Warner than not actually wanting them back nor having to earn their spots back.


Vice made 194 in their second dig to lead by about 164.

NSW 7/46 in reply. Still need 119 to win.
Jimmy Pattinson with 4/12


You wouldn’t think Drummoyne oval will get another game very soon.


Warner and Smith will both walk straight back in. No if buts or maybes. Anyone who doubts we aren’t a better side with them in the XI is kidding themselves.


Smith only makes us better!


I think they’ll make Warner work for it. IMO we’re in a much better situation than we were 2-3 months ago, with handscomb and Ussie etc finding some form.


No argument from me.


Vics would want to get rid of Nevill. He and O’Keeffe could prove a danger, but after lunch, I’d be telling Patto to fire up with some chin music and perfume balls.


Marsh has probably just been squeezed out by Turner, who gives us better balance in the batting lineup and another matchwinner for the late overs.

Finch, Khawaja and Marsh can’t/shouldn’t play in the same team, they bat too similarly and they aren’t the greatest of fielders either (Finch isn’t a liability though)


Finch is waaaay quicker than Khawaja and Marsh

He’s just in a horror streak.


I believe the Duke balls have been looping all over the place