Cricket Part III


Huge call by me, wasn’t it? Just may have got that one a tad wr…wr…wr…wrong.


I can hear the four horseman riding over the


In fairness I’m not entirely sure the result would’ve been all that much different had they left him out. Patto probably would’ve taken 7fa.


shut the f up


Don’t lessen the moment.


He’s an umpire. That means he’s wrong at least 50% of the time.


at least


Does he umpire SS? If so then it would be more like being wrong 80%.


You c*ts can all go fk yourselves.


Although last time in England Siddle was considered not to have been likely to have done better than our star bowlers until the last test when they finally put him in to angst from many commentators who saw no point (Warnie?) and he promptly took 6 or 7 for not many for the match. When picked he performs. And as he gets older and slower he gets more accurate and more tricks. Like a not-as-good DK Lillee. I’d pick him as squad insurance.


Harris out bowled by Abbott


Raining and light has ended the game today by the looks of it


Smith for Marsh is the obvious one

Warner is a little more complicated considering both opener are in good form currently. Khawaja would be unlucky to miss but should still retain a spot in the squad.

Edit. Handscomb’s offers a point of difference with the bat and his fielding will be important.


heavens look threatening


You’d have hardly had a ball bowled all day here today. Been grey, drizzly and squally. Never really looked like clearing up.


Seems like Holland may struggle to get a bowl in the second innings if the quicks continue to hold sway.


Handscomb keeping must be considered. Not sure Carey’s batting is up to it.


I agree.


I agree on Carey’s batting but Handscomb is bang average with the gloves


Aussies batting first


The stadium in Dubai is basically empty.