Cricket Part III


For some reason I read “toured here” the other way around, ie the last time Aus toured Bang. No idea why.


It was too good to last. It looks like we wont.get much cricket tonight


Fixed that for you.


@SMJ will be happy




So you’re saying Essington is no chance tonight.


Here’s a stat for you: since the introduction of the bye round, Essendon have never beaten the bye. Too many years of accepting mediocrity.


Should have saved it for tomorrow!!!


30% of the crowds through the gates have never been to a cricket game before. ■■■■■ be booing with literally no idea what they’re booing about.


Aside from that 5min spot with Collins, that entire pod was a steaming piece of ■■■■. Blokes are massive knobs. Full blown cockheads. Which is a shame given their social media content is quite good.


Thoughts of an English person with no knowledge of cricket other than the fact the World Cup is in town

A couple of Aussies did the wrong thing. Ok so let’s get dressed up go to the cricket and boo.


Football hooligans given free tickets…


Cricket Australia has the same attitude as the BCI i.e. money, money, money and fark everyone else.


Australia’s next four games are against the 4 subcontinental teams. If we can get over India on Monday it could really set us up. We really should fancy ourselves against the other 3 in English conditions and hopefully we got our one terrible batting display from the top order out of the way against the Windies. It’s not inconceivable that we have a finals spot booked by the time we play England but first things first: India. Should be a cracker.


Wrong thread?


The rain in Bristol means Essington is no chance to beat the bye tonight.


Further support for my call to drop NCN


Didn’t stop him getting motm


I wonder if Ric has a stat for people dropped straight after winning a POTM award? My bet would be that it’s zero.


He won’t be dropped, but he should be given his core competency in bowling was bog average.