Cricket Part III


Unfortunately he will probably never bat like that again but will bowl like that nearly every game


Thats why I am dropping him. We have seen the best of him.


Yep, I’m playing with an extra batter.
We have 2 legitimate gun quicks, a handy spinner and can make up the rest of the overs with 1 all rounder and a couple of jobbers.


Plenty of Boos for Smith and Warner in the warm-up matches. It will continue for the foreseeable future and I’m sure it will be a talking point during the Ashes. We copped a bit of abuse at the warm-up match from English fans who shouted at us and called us a nation of cheats. First time at the cricket I’ve had opposition fans heckling me directly. To be fair, one of my mates was being a bit obnoxious so some response was warranted (but he was only criticizing English players). I’m sure it will boil over at some point, particularly when the Barmy Army get going and the mob outnumber the Aussie fans.


Nah it was in response to a previous post.


Let’s call a spud a spud and just admit he is a straight out potato.

And NCN/NBN jokes are not funny.


Agree on both fronts


All English players or just the ones that were actually from England?


I dunno that I’d want kohli (et al) facing 5 or 8 overs of Smith/Warner.


Can’t do much worse than NCN


Maxi was getting everyone out last night

Until the review


How does Starc look so toothless in Tests sometimes and look so unplayable in ODI’s with his pace?

NCN played a great batting innings but fck I’d take both Richardsons + Behrendoff over him in a heartbeat, his bowling is rank and reminds me of Mick Lewis playing for Australia. Behrendoff injured?


NCN said himself he expects to be dropped given his bowling performances over a few games


I knew he was the David Myers is Australia cricket…


Defensive fields in ODI games allow him to go for his swinging full balls with less fear. In ODI the ones he misses go to the boundary riders for one in test cricket they go for 4.


I never thought I’d see the day when India would be seeking to intimidate us with pace but here we are…

“Assistant coach Ricky Ponting believes India could consider drafting in another fast bowler for their clash against Australia on Sunday after seeing the reigning champions’ top order flattened by a hostile West Indies pace onslaught at Trent Bridge.”


“The government does not interfere in matters of sports bodies, they are autonomous,” the sports minister, Kiren Rijiju, said on Twitter. “But when the issue is related to the country’s sentiments, then the interest of the nation has to be kept in mind. I urge the BCCI to take appropriate steps on the issue.”


Putting sentiment aside, India are now officially the epitome of the only kid in the playground with a bat, and if you even think about getting me out I will leave quicker than a dodgy curry through a rajahs r€ctum.


NCN’s ODI bowling economy average is 5.5 rpo. Zamps 5.6. Cummins 5.15.
The difference over 50 overs between Cummins & NCN is 18 runs.
Does his batting make up for that?
I like Behrendorff’s bowling better (5.33) but he can’t bat like NCN. Lyon (4.86) should get a chance soon.


Given India have some good spinners and a few troublesome quicks I wouldn’t mind seeing Shaun Marsh brought in to replace Khawaja.

Finch will be lucky to survive 10 balls against Bumra and who ever he is teamed up with.

Maxwell needs a big innings with the bat as well.