Cricket Part III


Talk of Smarsh in for Uzzie. As much as the name “Marsh” makes my skin crawl, you can’t have a bloke at #3 who is looking suspect to the short ball.


That’s not an official XI, but that’s how I’d go…


India win the toss and will bat first.


Both teams unchanged.


4.3 overs in and yep I’ve already had enough of Michael Slater.


Does he ever shut up?


Cummins got one to pitch middle and leg to Dhawan, nipped away, beat the edge and nearly took the top of off. Still no wicket down but far from a fast start by India…


Don’t care how many runs he makes, NCN is pure trash at his main job. Opposition batsman know they just have to see off Cummins and Starc and then cash in on the trash Stoinis and NCN dish up.


Dhawan struggling after being struck a nasty blow on the thumb by a Cummins lifter. Can’t see him lasting too much longer, bottom hand coming off the bat after every stroke. Maxy getting some appreciable turn off this Oval deck. Kohli’s rationale of batting first given this wicket has been used more than once and the best conditions to bat will be first up might be fairly sound…


Zampa releases the brakes in 3 balls. Still struggle to believe he’s the best ODI spinner Australia has to pick.


I’m very surprised that we haven’t got at Dhawan harder. He can barely hold the bat, now there’s spin at both ends, he’s off the hook and can just knock it around. Bring Starc back on and try and rough him up again, try and hit him in the hand again.


NCN definitely not up to it with the ball either.


NCN being bent over, just like the majority of us thought before the game.


Out: NCN
In: behrendorff


No swing, pitch a road & toothless 2nd string bowlers

Ridiculous total coming up


Our bowling looks so weak outside of Starc and Cummins


Starc not getting any movement. Looks pedestrian.


Aussie commentators are terrible


Should I retract that statement?
Good wicket


Oh man, NCN going to go on a tear again


We won’t win this tournament if we cannot bowl out teams or restrict them. Our bowling looks pedestrian and our batting is too inconsistent to constantly post big scores.