Cricket Part III


Indian supporters really don’t have any dignity do they?
Seems the older they are, the more ridiculous they’re happy to appear.


We will be chasing close to 400 here.


If so we won’t get close.


Finally Starc gets Dhawan.
Some tight bowling here and we might keep them to 340-350



Cannot have keepers missing those ones


Good keepers take those. Very poor from Carey.


That was very poor


That’s inescusable. ■■■■ me.


India are going to slow here, they will probably end up with 350ish. They really should be pushing 400.

Australia aren’t out of this by any means. They have the batting to chase down 350, but they will need one of their openers to go really big. I would be moving smith to 3, and Maxwell to 4. Just tell Maxwell to play his natural game. Drop khawaja down to 5

Get everyone to bat aggressively around smith


Hardik…he he he


Kohli with an easy 50 off 55 balls. Set himself nicely for the final 10…


These runs are on Carey. FFS. Had to gobble that.


Haha he’s giving the Aussies some Hardik right now.




Haha, that worked. Wicket!


So Carey owes us 48


S_. hit gets wickets.


Kohli has batted too slow

India should have at least 330 on the board by now

Not a chance they get to 350 now


Surely Stonis is under more pressure than NCN.


Start loading up the cannon.