Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

I was thinking the other day, that with this new 10 team format, that once they sort the top 4,they should then do another RR with them to sort out the 2 finalists, . then perhaps a best of 3 Game play off for the Title.

Only on once every 4 years, … why not make the most of it, whilst also making it way more definitive. Make a shitload more money re TV etc too.

Opportunity missed I reckon.

Shot Starkers!

2 hundred up.

250 might be in the sights now.


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That was a good over there! 14 from it.

Hope we can keep hitting boundaries. Smithy deserves 100 too. Will he make it?

Runs on the board

FTFY. :wink:

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Yep, … may as well take it.

Fingers crossed …


Is Starc allowed to run all over the pitch like that?

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More worried about his hamstrings making him push for a 2nd like that.

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Yes because we still have to bowl. The rules may say different though


Smithy really needs to start finding a few boundaries.

Fark no…


That’s farked.

Bring out the bomber boy

It;s all up to you now Garry

Just pathetic

■■■■ what a terrible game of cricket by Australia.


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