Cricket - The Ashes Tour, 2019

He better bowl the spell of his life after all of that.

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Why wasn’t smith running at the stumps to block it?

Pathetic is not right. Those two have been good and to be fair the guys (Minus Handacombe and Maxwell to a larger extent) have had a great tournament.

I just hope our bowlers can deliver some retribution

Just need to get 222

It will fark England up mentally

That was one lucky fkn throw.



They just showed the replay - actually went between his legs lol

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And that’s all she wrote.

Could England have played any better?

I don’t think so.

■■■■ then.

Yeahhhhhh don’t think we will be winning this one. Lost at the selection table.

Running your skipper out and then next ball playing a garbage shot is pathetic in any language.

Fark England

Could they choke ?

How many wickets do we need in the first 10 ?

Is this a defensible total by any means?

He ran out Finch?


I am backing Cummins to put in for a MOTM performance

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Not enough

Of course they could, … it’s England.

Also, … let’s just wait and see what this pitch does for our guys in the first 10 or 20.


See that post^

Backing Starc in here. Should carry some confidence from his batting. Humidity is apparently rising. Another tricky pitch.


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