DARWIN AWARDS - name your candidate


Thanks man.

Not trying to illicit sympathy but saw the thread and probably deserved a mention as the gate wasn’t that far away.

You know what I love about blitz? You can argue and ■■■■■ and agitate but when it comes down to it everyone gets around you when something ■■■■ happens to you.

This year alone I lost my uncle, got through some pretty ■■■■■■ health issues, bought a house which was just fkn stressful and going to trade in my beloved car for one for mum as she’s being absolutely drained for family reasons. Her current cars done 300k and starting to break down. I mentioned most of this and at the least every one acknowledged and listened to my first world problems.

I made a positive thread a few years to help myself more than anything.

Sometimes I just forget this is about my footy team, and just a group of humans who care about each other on some level. Even though most have never met.

Ahhh concussion.


I don’t care for @Crazy_Bomber but the rest of you are alright.


A torn sac story would have been a lot funnier.


Matthew Guy


That whole, ‘dunno what he was thinking…talking to us like we’re Queenslanders’ thing was a pretty, pretty good sledge.


this is crazy - watch to the end to get update on what happened to him


Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope.


Hang gliding, when correctly secured, does look like fun.


and when you’re not correctly secured?


Not so fun.

That guy actually hung on for dear life. Fair effort.


I don’t think he deserves to be nominated. It wasn’t deliberate and it was actually the instructor’s responsibility to hook him up properly.

I wonder if he enjoyed the rest of his holiday.


Group nom.


may that not be an EFC training report


All that happened in the warm up?


Don’t think we have any 40-something players on our list, Doe, so everything should be fine. :wink:

That reminds me of a camping trip a few years back.

A group of us blokes were all pretty hammered and decided to have a kick of the footy. I tore my hammy fairly badly (too lazy to warm up) and was out of action.

My mate kicked the footy over the side of the hill we were on and it rolled into a wombat hole (quite deeply as it turned out). Despite his protests, we forced him to retrieve it. While he was crawling through the wombat tunnel, we asked him whether he knew how wombats fended off their predators. Concerned, he called out that he didn’t. We went on to explain that they have a super hard butt bone that they use to slam against the roof or walls of their burrows, literally crushing their predator’s skull.

Watching him retreat from that wombat burrow was a thing of beauty, and for a brief moment, enabled me to forget my torn hammy. :grin:


When did Fletch retire?


Dunno, but he could prolly still fit down a wombat burrow. :grin:





He would’ve jumped if he’d heard your rot regarding baked goods.