Trying the engine 2 diet.
NOt very successfully tho. (As have had some meat, but way less than normal)
Its plant based.

No meat.
No dairy.
Low processed.

Lots of pasta/ vegetables/ fruit, wholegrain bread, oats, nuts etc 70% dark chocolate

Gone from full cream milk to soy


So, has anyone done a keto diet?

Looks to be very low carb, moderate protein and very high fats.

I’d be interested because I think I can stick to it and still be able to feel full.

It would also be a great excuse to not eat all Lollies, and stay off the beers.


Diet = Calorie count with balance swayed towards protein to limit muscle loss.

1kg (fat) = 7716kCal

Therefore to lose 1kg (fat)/week is an 1100kCal daily defecit.

Calculate your daily metabolic rate in kCal using online calculator.

Subtract 1100kCal.

Daily Calories (food - exercise) beed to be that number +/- 5%.


On this basis I lost 19kg in 19 weeks.

Lite n’easy uses this method.

Fitbit does too except their calculations are out by a factor of 2.2… hmmm lbs to kg favtor anyone?


I’d heard that people who follow diets with very low, or no, carbs are very vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes.


I’ve never understood ‘diets’ per se. Figure out how many calories you should be taking each per day, eat a few hundred less than that and burn off a few hundred more through exercise. Eat whatever you want but just make sure you arent going over your limit.

Eventually eating a bit less and exercising more becomes habit and you drop weight without even thinking about it.

At one point I managed to lose about 20 odd kg over the course of a year and a bit, and it wasn’t through eating substantially less or exercising substantially more.

The weight loss ‘industry’ I find is so manipulative and unnecessarily convoluted.


Yep, did it for about 3 months at the beginning of 2017.
The first week or 2 are difficult whilst you go thru the adaptation phase.
You might get some headaches/lethergy/general fatigue, but it will pass if you stick to it.

Your reasons for going onto a lower carb way of eating sound similar to what mine were.
I’m Italian, so we love our pasta, bread, potatoes, rice etc…, but I cannot control the quantities that I eat those foods, so I decided the best strategy for me was a diet that would necessitate removing them completely.

I’m an all or nothing type of personality, so I tracked my calories and macros reasonably accurately for the first 1-2 months.
Until I knew what I was doing.
I had some weight to lose, so I budgeted for a daily allowance of 2200 cals, which was surely a big reduction in the 3000 (estimate) I was consuming previously per day.

The weight fell off me effortlessly with very little exercise.
I believe I lost 10kg in 8-9 weeks, and then a little more came off in the next month.
There were days when I struggled to reach my 2200 cals, so I’d consume a Fat Bomb late in the evening to bump up my Fat macros.
You won’t feel hungry.
In fact, intermittent fasting (if that is something you want to try), is a piece of p*ss on Keto.

The biggest positive about Keto though IMO, is that it gets you thinking about what you’re putting in your body, and what you need.
You will buy Grass Fed Beef, Grass Fed butter, Cold Pressed Oils (Coconut), shiteloads of leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms.

You have to be realistic though.
It’s a sacrifice when remaining in a state of Ketosis.
Family dinners out, functions, special events, consuming alcohol.
All those examples you are limited.
ALSO, you pretty much can’t consume fruit (berries are the exception) as there are too many carbs which will throw you out of Ketosis.
That’s a biggie !

I’ve been in and out of low carb since last year, but I plan on going back on to Keto soon, as I notice the kgs slowly creep up on you.
I like the discipline and structure it provides me.

Anyhow, happy to answer any questions you may have.
I researched religiously before I embarked on it, and have a few YouTube favourites…

Thomas DeLauer
Dr Eric Berg
Jason Wittrock


Its the other way round, i was told last October that i was pre - Type 2 diabetic 6.2 blood sugar
I was also told it was progressive and incurable
I,ve spent my whole life trying to manage my weight, counting calories, exercising, following the now discredited food pyamid and losing weight for a short time but with it always coming back.

You will not find a more cynical and skeptical person than me on the face of the planet
I tried a Low carb - High Fat diet because it worked for a friend and i was desperate.

I lost 15 kgs in 5 months and have kept it off, my blood sugar went from 6.2 to 4.2, and are no longer considered pre- diabetic. Some other added benefits include my knees have stopped aching even in the middle of winter and best of all I sleep like the dead now. I still only sleep 6- 6.5 hrs a night but sleep all the way through.
The best thing I,ve ever done in my life.

Ps Type 2 Diabetes was originally and more accurately called Sugar Diabetes (a clue to what causes it}
All Carbohydrates breakdown to sugar in the body and have no nutritional value


I should have said No Carb. Even diabetics have to have some sugar for energy.


I don’t have much spare time these next few months for gym, so figure I’ll give this a whirl to modify my eating.

Hard part will be eating meals with the kids, and not eating the same stuff.


Eat as clean as you can THT.
There are hidden sugars in everything.
Great thing is, you’re on a high fat diet, so adding flavour won’t be a problem.

If you have a sweet tooth that needs attention regularly, make your own chocolates (Fat Bombs).
They’re delicious, healthy, and easy to make.


If you can process cellulose (a carbohydrate) into digestible sugars, I’d be mighty impressed.


Sorry, other than fiber


Mate, spend a couple of dollars and get hold of a dietitian.




I’m more impressed that he seems to have developed photosynthesis!


Because I’m a contrary prick, later this winter I’m going to try basically the exact opposite of the keto diet for a couple of weeks.

Dunno if it’s got an official name, but basically it’s 1940s rationing, and I’ve heard some seriously impressive results from it. (Plus you know, when the whole of Britain was on it for the best part of a decade, health standards skyrocketed). Though admittedly i’m doing it mostly out of historical curiosity rather than nutritional dedication…

Unlimited root veg, brassicas, and leafy green veg (limited to what’s growable in 1940s england so you cut out some of the really high sugar vegies like capsicum, tomatoes, and corn). Unlimited high-fibre brown bread. One egg per week. Very limited fats and dairy, a smallish amount of meat (which’ll probably be offal or spam or some similar horrible tinned muck anyway so you might not want to eat it). Sugar is limited to a scrape of jam plus a bit of raw sugar that you’ll be using to put in your tea, because there’s no fruit juice or milk so that’s what you’ll be drinking. Except there is beer.

But the list of what you don’t have - no onions, garlic, chilli, no wine, almost nothing fried (because you don’t have the oil to fry it in), blackberries and green apples the only fruit (and not much of them), no decent cheese (all milk was commandeered by the govt for use by new mothers, the leftover was made into the worst industrial quasi-cheddar you can imagine), no pasta or refined flour, no tomatoes, Mostly no herbs and spices except the english standards, parsley sage rosemary and thyme. No ginger. No yoghurt.

Carrots, cabbage, potatoes, wholemeal bread, turnips, kale, and oatmeal are the big features. Mashed potato sandwiches are apparently the thing to do for lunch, that’s going to take a bit of getting used to…


You’re staying with my mother in law? How on earth??!!??


(I thought they did have a sugar ration?)


After brekkie each morning I would always feel ‘funny’ in the guts. So I simply started pushing out brekkie til I got to work.

Then I heard a nutritionalist on the radio breaking some myths. One was about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. She said we get in to a pattern of eating instead of just eating when we are hungry and that includes breakfast.

After a while I simply wasn’t eating breakfast but was worried i was screwing up my metabolism so I looked it up. I found out that I was basically intermittent fasting (16 hours fast/8 hours eat) and had dropped about 3 to 4 kilos.

I thought about extending this to Keto but to be honest I don’t want those limitations on my life.
I only drink water or black coffee anyway when I’m not out on the booze and I don’t really eat sugar. I eat normally within those 8 hours (same calories as if I wasn’t doing fasting) and the explanation to why you lose weight makes a lot of scientific sense.

So a very simple shift has kept my weight in check.


You do, but it’s tiny. And you end up putting it all in your tea, because sugarless tea is awful and there’s nothing else to drink.