I can’t even vaguely tolerate sugar in either tea or coffee. Sugarless tea is much better than tea with sugar.


Sounds about as good as your microwaved broccoli diet.


How do you factor in the impending invasion of a Nazi occupying force to your diet?


Sugarless tea is fine if you have milk…if you dont have milk its more like hot water.


I imagine he is also doing a bootcamp and self defence training to prepare for the impending invasion and building a bunker.


I think Michael Pollan nailed it: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”


Milk ruins tea as much as sugar does. Stewed tea is horrible though. Needs to be fresh.


I dont mind hot water and some milk.


Black tea.
Black coffee.
No sugar.

I find there is way way way too much sugar and salt in products these days. You don’t need that much for taste or pleasure. Would people really tell the difference / don’t like a product that’s had sugar or salt reduced by 10 or 20%?


Yeah. It’s sht. You’re left with enough energy to exist and none to spare.


Yep. The key thing I’ve learned about nutrition over the years (in fact it might have even been from megz here) that if the “tip” matches something that’s been said in a commercial, it’s a load of sht.


Keto sticks required.


Hot chips need salt for flavour.

go eat some fried potatoes with nothing on it.


Sure, I get they don’t taste as nice. But it’s when they have a bucket load of salt that’s a concern (to me). But I prefer to under season with salt.


I dont think salt on chips is that big a problem, because you can see it there, the bigger problem is that chips were probably deep fried.

But the problem with salt is all the hidden salt in foods - e.g sauce


i think most breads are shocking for salt content too.


its not that they don’t taste nice, its that they taste awful.


and sugar.

if it gets golden when toasted likely a decent amount of sugar in it.


Your last 2 comments make no sense to me, but I take it they are not complemntary.
All Ihave done is share my experience around my health and weight issues in a thread titled “Diets”
I’m not trying to sell you anything, I dont want you to buy anything, join anything or vote for anything

I’m shareing with anyone who is interested something that has changed my life profoundly, If you don’t have any issues around your weight and health, congratulations, but that now puts you, for the first time in human history in a minority in this country and across the western world


I’m being a smartarse, but mammals certainly do need energy in their diet.
We, in the modern West, are certainly past the point of worrying about ever having to get enough energy (through carbs or fats or whatever), but it’s still pretty important.