Disgraceful EFC - Extending pokies license to 2042


I hear its going to be a bumper crop this year.


I agree.


A lot people are throwing up the “would you be happy if we invested in x business”.

I’d like to turn that on it’s head. Why are we invested in any other business? Apparently we need alternative revenue streams but this is short sighted. If this Melton club is worth 10 mill are we getting a better return than sitting it in a bank or managed fund. I doubt it.

By having active investments takes time of the board and executive to run them. When I elect directors I’m not thinking about what experience they have in running pubs.

By all means find different ways to monetise football related stuff. But if we need surplus funds to invest and safeguard our future then invest in passive investments. I want the clubsolely focused on football not a burgeoning business empire.




If you can find a back account that gives a better return than running a pokie joint I would be very surprised


Probably not bank account, but a decent managed fund I’m not sure.

10 mill in a fund earning 10% is 1 mill


Maybe we could start a ‘safe injecting centre’ at the hanger. I don’t know what that means, but I keep hearing about it on the news…


The managed fund will have a decent return because they invest in pokies.


If you got into managed funds you would be making a banker rich.

And imagine this place when your 10 mil halves in a GFC type crash…

I look at it this way, you are looking at selling your car and the rego is due, do you leave the rego to expire and try to sell the car, or do you pay it knowing that most people won’t buy the car if they have to go through the hassles of re registering it and it will be worth more?

Another way to look at it is that the board have an obligation to manage the existing businesses of the club in the clubs best interest. Not renewing the licence would be neglegant on their part.


Please ease up on the maths, thread has enough Year 7 debating


The analogies have been spectacular year 7 stuff. I think the club not having pokies got compared to putting a fence near a cliff at one point


Still reckon there’s better money in arms running and blood diamonds.


I’m on the cliff banning bandwagon. We can make it happen I reckon.


Interesting that this comes off the back of the license extension. Reinforces to me that the club remains committed to getting out of gambling and that the extension was only to maximise the return upon selling the asset.


Reinforces for me that we’re trying to cover our ■■■


On one hand I’d like to think they’re not kidding anyone but then I’m reminded that oh yes they are.


Actually after sleeping on it yeah i agree with you. I am totally against our club endorsing pokies…for @ everyone else
What if Gladys is you Nan?


Before my sleep I felt pretty good about our club.
When St Kilda were trying to save SOS, we boasted 15000 people attending a sausage sizzle.
What if half of those people all lost 100 bucks on the pokies, yet we still rattle tins


Now I’m thinking all They give a toss about is similar to what youse give a toss about. That is. Is your ■■■■■■■ 2019 members scarf alright looking?