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What’s the deal with milk now. For a while we were getting Permeate ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! It said so on the label.

Now most milk labels don’t even mention Permeate.

So are we paying for it now or what?


spread throughout (something); pervade.
“the aroma of soup permeated the air”
synonyms: pervade, spread through, fill, filter through, diffuse through, imbue, penetrate, pass through, percolate through, perfuse, extend throughout, be disseminated through, flow through, charge, suffuse, run through, steep, impregnate, inform, infiltrate
“the delicious smell emanating from the kitchen permeated the entire flat”
soak through, penetrate, seep through, saturate, percolate through, leach through, pass through, spread through
“these resins are able to permeate partly decayed timber”



Permeate is just the lactose, water and other stuff that is extracted from the milk during one of the processes. Having it in there or not is no different at all, not sure what the fuss was all about


Purely a marketing gimmick to try to differentiate themselves.


To quote the Pauls’ website:

Permeate is not unhealthy or unnatural, however many consumers do prefer their milk without it.

That’s why all Pauls fresh milks … are … permeate free.


Until there was this whole crap about it, I never ever heard once from a person about permeate.


Im sure I had read the permeate in milk is the ‘waste’ from cheese production, which is then added to ‘normal’ milk. This allowed them to increase the volume of milk, and reduce the prices.

Either way, it’s better than low fat, skinny, reduced fat or skim.


As I understood it, there are curds, and there is whey. The curds go on to be part of the cheese process. The whey, is byproduct - largely, water. Then I researched a little, and found out that ‘whey’ is actually useful and contains a lot of good stuff, though you’d avoid it if you were lactose intolerant.


Permeates were historically used to standardise milk across the seasons . The A2 producers jumped on the bandwagon to promote their product after reports ( an ACA type expose) that some other milk producers where using higher permeate levels to cut costs.
It can’t harm you and I doubt that anyone could taste the difference. As yet, there are no validated health benefits from A2, with the possible exception for those with a lactose intolerance. On the other hand, my GP recommended whey protein powder as a strengthening supplement.


Why is the Kindle on Amazon.com.au $179 but on Kogan it’s $127?




Probably the same reason why iPhones are cheaper on Kogan than apple.com/au.


Because they’re not from Australia.


But they’re the exact same thing?


Careful of warranty.

My office purchased me a Pixel from ■■■■ Smith (Kogan). The handset has issues and I contacted Google as a first port of call. They immediately saw it was bulk purchased stock from India and wiped their hands clean of it because it wasn’t Australian stock.

Have you dealt with Kogan/■■■■ Smith tech support? They ‘replaced the main board’ of the handset and sent it back to me with the exact same issue I sent it in with. Waiting to send it back again. I have now spent 3 months with a phone that is not suitable to make phone calls on. Thankfully I had a backup Samsung.


Hahahaha ■■■■ smith.


Some time ago we bought a Samsung phone from Kogan, it was much cheaper there than elsewhere. As it was an import, the power socket requires an Aus adapter, and the calendar has important muslim dates such as ramadan highlighted which cannot be removed!

No other differences to the dearer model, and it’s been perfectly ok.


Consumer Law protects you as it was sold for Australians. Just contact them and kick up a fuss by mentioning them.

This is Kogan btw.


No need to use foul language now that you’re all hoity toity…


My folks bought a TV from Kogan a few years back. Lasted a fraction longer than the warranty…maybe a week. They dumped it and I got a Samsung for them…still going strong.

Buy from Kogan all you like, but don’t complain when you’ve got problems. Particularly not here.