Dumb Questions Amnesty


Bugmans phone died a couple of months after purchase from Kogan (mine was fine and it was same phone) they took it, and ended up replacing it no dramas


So my health insurer has over payed me on my most recent claim. They paid for a review consult not a group session. The difference is $24 per session and it’s 10 sessions. Do I call them and admit it. Will they check and ask for it back?


If you Change health fund they won’t be able to do anything.

I got overpaid by a previous employer $20K into my superannuation. They somehow gave someone the exact same account number as me.

Advice to me was that if I hadve closed the account and moved the money, unknowingly, I’d be ok to keep it. But as they had identified the problem, they froze my account and removed it. Easy come easy go.


I wouldn’t jump up and down about it. But they may realise down the track & come asking for it later, which may? mean you need to have the cash ready.
You’ve probably still got plausible deniability.

If it were Medicare, you’d be in gaol already.


It’s only $240 so I may leave it and pay if the ask.


Drink Soy Milk instead!


Boil or fry up a cheese kransky?

My mother reckons you boil a kransky like a traditional sausage for hotdogs but I have only seen them cooked on a bbq outside woolies or bunnings as a fundraiser.But


Is your mother English?


cook those sobs.

boilings for miserable people.


Soy milk reduces your sperm count and your ability to grow proper facial hair


Tell that to my kids and my beard!


No she isnt but assumes because you put standard franks in a pot of water, you do the same.


Yeah but what about your husband?



Hypothetical - If I retire and get a $2m lump sum super payout I won’t get a pension. What happens if I go to the casino put $2m on black and it comes up red? Will the government say that was unfortunate, we’ll now support you for the rest of your miserable life with a taxpayer funded full pension equivalent to the bloke next door who retired with no super?


I think that would come under, ‘you can’t legislate against stupidity.’
Although this has a better ring to it.
Against stupidity; God Himself is helpless. -Yiddish Proverb


You need new glasses. Family has never seen me without a beard including she who must be obeyed.


Used to happen a lot before super became universal. Spend any or all of your payout on the Women’s Weekly World Discovery Tour or otherwise blow the lot, and then go on the OAP.


If there’s a car/trailer that’s been dumped, at what point could you just acquire it?


Usually, there’s a tow ball at the front. Use that.


Are Podcasts free? Just downloaded an app for my Galaxy S8 and was interested in listening to them (e.g TEDTalks).