Dumb Questions Amnesty


When exactly did Easter Egg Hunts become a thing? Never heard of it when I was a kid.

I assume it’s yet another thing we’ve picked up from the Yanks.


i had easter with some Czech & Dutch relatives, as far as they’re concerned it’s a very old tradition. Painted hard boiled eggs, not chocolate.

Wiki tells me Martin Luther wrote of it, he was around in the 1600s ish. So maybe a German/Germanic thing.


Not just Germanic - has been a tradition in my family.


Mine also


The egg symbolises ‘birth’. In Christianity, it is linked with the ‘rebirth of Christ’, but it also has deeper roots. There’s not much profit in selling eggs and textas though, hens the chocolate.


There are lots of layers to this.


so mary laid an egg?

so jesus is a reptile?

so the church is full of lizard people?




I tried breeding Easter Bunnies, but their eggs don’t taste at all like chocolate.


The eggs actually come from the fact that the original Festival was the Pagan one for the Spring Equinox, and the coming of Summer , the eggs & Rabbits symbolising regeneration of the earth, crops, animals mating etc, - in short, Fertility, … which was then co opted by the RCC to ease bringing them on board to the faith.
In this, they were very fortunate that Nth hemispheres Spring coincides with Passover, and hence, the Crucifiction.

Christmas they weren’t so lucky, and had to move the celebration of Christs birth to match up with the Pagan Winter Solstice festival, … but that didn’t really matter, because when it was was just a guess anyway, as no one had a clue when he was born.

Very cagey and devious, and it worked a treat, even though Bunny’s Eggs or Snow covered trees have zero to do with Christianity.


In some countries the rabbits have no role. The church bells go to Rome in Lent and when they come back at Easter, drop the eggs.


Yeah, you get ova them pretty quickly.


Ohhhh … facepalm.jpg


So, I’m at the Drs. They opened at 8am. I’m here for a 9.45am appointment, and I arrive on time, only to be told, the Dr is with someone now and there’s another one to go in before you.

The hell do people talk about when they get in there FFS?

Go in, tell them what you want and GTFO. How much easier could it be?

How can he already be 30+ Min late if he’s only been here 90min?


He slept in.


Sometimes they have emergencies. But I feel they could contact you when their that late.


He probably has to start his day by getting up to speed with the latest developments on Blitz.


I always call about 20 mins before my appt to find out how the Doc is running. Often he’s 30 mins or more behind, so I just turn up that much later.


So I ended up getting in and the guy was super helpful. Just a sore throat. Nothing a bit of yelling Sunday arvo won’t help.


They often fit in legit sick people. Particularly bulk billing GPs.