Dumb Questions Amnesty


Most make 1 appt for 20 ailments and or multiple people.


Why does the Channel 7 weather lady present the weather like she is addressing a 5 year old?


Why does anyone watch biased brainwashing commercial News is more the question?

How many ads for diet pills, movies, super foods, wonder surgeries, etc dressed up as News have they had already this year??


I like my news from Twitter. Totally unbiased and as it happens.


"I always say the Channel 7 News is best.
Especially when the Weather Girl wears a low cut dress".

-Redgum (“It Doesn’t Matter To me”)

Also to the post from @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS


Commercial news is now just a competition of who can get the most puns into a story


They could call that competition “the Punic Wars”.


And then they’d bring in a reference to Hannibal (Lecter), and Jeff Fenech’s reaction to the sequel “Shut Up, Youse”


Not so much dumb question, but a dumb thing I did yesterday.
Got home from grocery shopping and realised I must have put a couple of items in someone else’s trolley :roll_eyes:Mr BM had moved our trolley and I just turned and put them in the nearest trolley thinking it was ours.
Anyone else done some dumb things recently?


Very recently indeed.


Gee I hope it wasn’t the tissues…reckon Mr BM might have needed those last night


Please explain


I’ve been walking around with a kick me sign on my front.


Do your fly up


Does Superhero rock because it’s Jane’s Addiction, or does it suck because it’s the Entourage theme song?


Wuts Superhero Rock?


…just Superhero.


Ahhh, … well, … it’s not the greatest JA song but still good, … and it existed before the show, … so I reckon it’s the former.

But I enjoyed Entourage anyway, … so it wouldn’t suck because that from my POV.


Are there any men’s deodorants around that don’t make you smell like the engine bay of a Kenworth?