Dumb Questions Amnesty


Lots. Most brands now have low scent high performance lines. Cost a little extra but totally worth it.


I’m using Nivea atm… low in the scent department, and seems to do a good job.


By far the best option is a extremely light dusting of bicarb soda!


You keep saying that, DJR, but we all know it’s dandruff :wink:


What about Patchouli?


Midnight in Footscray?


I dust my armpits with mizithra. My face with ouzo. And my crotch with lemon garlic oregano and olive oil.


That was a serious answer, by the way. I feel like a deadset moron for not realising it till four months ago.


World of Sport wouldn’t have endorsed it if it was no good.


“That expensive Brutt stuff???”


It’s French, non?


A former GF said back in the '70s the smell of “Brut was more common than BO”.

Edit" Just to be sure, I had neither. :sunglasses:


Wasn’t an Old Spice area, then.


Lynx, but save some girls for the rest of us. If you’ve seen the ads you’ll know that stuff is potent



Just about all of that Lynx is deodorant, not antiperspirant though.


Don’t often use “Scent” as the old man used to say,… But Old Spice is still the go to for me.


Lol, … Tell all the young blokes I encounter, FFS, … DO NOT use fkn Lynx. Chicks can smell Desperate Wanker a mile away as it is, … they don;t need a red flag waving to see it … :roll_eyes:


Why are we playing sunday when collingwood played friday?


Something something Port, something something Tarps.