Dumb Questions Amnesty


AFL bullshit


What does double jointed actually mean?


That you have really farked up ligaments?


So less ligaments or more?


When requested to “go f**k yourself”, there’s every chance you can.



nb- I am not a doctor


The sciencey term is hypermobile.

It normally means you dislocate stuff easily, then get arthritis.


Tell me about it.
Oh what fun it was, showing off and bragging to my mates…


Is a rhetorical question one that you already know the answer to?


should I answer this?


Rhetorical questions.
What good are they?


We went to dinner at an Italian Restuarant in Albert Park on Saturday. Friend ordered a Chivas without ice.

Waitress advised that they are not allowed by Law to serve spirits neat, so it had to have ice with it ! Friend refused, so no drink.

Is this really Law that bars cannot serve shots !


I know they cracked down on it a bit, … but it wasn’t that long ago we lined up Black Sambucca shots for a couple of rounds, … maybe 6 months??

Edit: That was a little casual sort of bar in St Kilda that might not have gaf about such silliness though …


Did I really see Daniher and Stewart on their own in the fifty, and the kick go exactly between them to a Collingwood uncontested chest mark, or was that just a bad dream?


At what point should you stop giving drivers a warning flash about a mobile speed camera? Couple hundred meters? 1km?


When you think a couple of others have gone past the area behind you and it’s their job now.


If Neeld creates the game plan.
And Skipworth and…is it Corrigan? I think that’s what I read.
Anyway, if they teach the game plan.
What is Worsfold’s actual role?


Well you see each assistant has a set of KPI’s, Johns role is to work with, mentor and review that each assistant is meeting their KPI’s.


I’m not sure if you’re being serious or not, but I’ll assume you are.
Isn’t that what Neil Criag’s role was when Bomber Thompson was coach?
If so, how is that now the coach role?
Or has there just been a blurring of responsibilities in those roles?


No I wasn’t being serious, needed sarcastica font.

I have the same question as you. Also confused as to why the head coach seems to be confused about the gameplan.