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When did we start using CE instead of AD?


When I was a kid in the 1960’s, we would go swimming and picnicking at Coburg Lakes. It was really clean and had diving board back then.

AN10 probably remembers what was like before the first war.


When PC became a thing.


I grew up in West St Kilda (the bit between Fitzroy St and Middle Park). I do remember the stench in “high” summer, from the Cowderoy St drain. Outflow had been blocked off by the breakwater built to shelter rich people’s boats around the Olympics.


You mean since Christianity became less of a thing.

Personally I see no reason for everyone to operate from a calendar based on the life of a religious messiah that they mostly don’t believe in themselves. It would make as much sense to base it on Zeus or Ra’s birthday


Then let the asians and muslims know as well.


Well the lake is man made (dammed by bluestone by Pentridge prisoners of course).

And I’m not sure Merri Creek/Coburg Lake was “clean” when they used it for swimming. My mum tells stories of floating down the creek on all types of things in the 60/70s. It’s probably cleaner now…


We’re not yet in the winter months, but I’m starting to feel the chill at home.

So just before I turn on the heating, I want to ask about…onesies.

Do they work? Are they warm? Comfortable? Festy? Where do I get a good one? Animal or plain?




But look what I just found:



I said No.

(actually…that’s tempting lol…)


Sure, but since there is no worldwide agreement on an event that can be reliably dated (the birth of Christ is actually out by a few years) and has universal appeal as a calendar start date, we are left with using the system used by Europeans for the last 1600 years or so and also by others for many years.

Using the same system with the same reference date as has been used for hundreds of years but renaming it as “CE” is just political correctness. (The only non-PC justification for it could be because of the above mentioned error in dating the birth of Christ, but still that is more relevant to BC dates than AD dates).


The little air cap cover on one of my tyres has disappeared. Does it matter if there is not one on there, will it damage the tyre


It won’t damage the tyre but crap/dust can accumulate in the valve and clog it up.


Look around at any air-filling station - you will definitely find one.
You’ll be fine.


So, … has anyone else on Blitz noticed any player game stats on AFL Match Centre changing retrospectively as weeks pass?

Such as DE% and the like?


Screenshots? I haven’t noticed


Nah, . no s/shots, … I didn’t expect it would happen, … but I have this week. to compare in a week or 2’s time.

I just know, that there was a 3 to 4 week run of games when we were going shitte . (maybe 3 over 4 weeks) where Hepp and other mids had DE% between, 50 and 60%. (Most of our highest possie winners in those weeks)

I posted on Blitz about it, after I checked back, and noticed it.

Now, … a lot of those numbers for those weeks have adjusted upward, … all around the mid 70’s. Odd.

Thing is, … if you removed the disposals under pressure, …(quick kicks fwd from stoppages), … they are about the numbers you would come up with, … sooooo, … :thinking:


Maybe it’s the Mandela effect.