Dumb Questions Amnesty


What ever happened to @Vince_Black ?


Why is there a rule that players have to clear the area around the mark?
I never actually understood why they brought the rule in?


Because clubs like fark hawthorn would runnplayers through there to force opposition to kick down the line rather than go onboard.

Richmond do it a lot too. EFC do it by accident and get pinged


It’s actual correctness gone mad!

I mean, there’s clearly a huge disruption to everybody’s lives by writing CE/ BCE rather than the almost certainly incorrect BC/AD. That must cost all the working historians & history writers a good minute every year, writing that extra letter.


Isnt it anti historical to use CE/BCE ?? its kind of ironic, that for what ever reason BC/AD have been used… obviosuly, it seems to me it is a historical fact that it is used, what many deem as a huge historical and culture re-shaping event as the identifier between to era’s.
I dont think Historians coined the term BC/AD because they follow jesus, rather that a event took place that changed the landscape of the middle east nth afirca and europe.


You’re right - historians didn’t coin the phrase, it’s Latin, it was some monk in the 6th century. Who worked out 0AD based on it being 5500 years after the creation of the world. Sounds like a great system!

We know now that there was very little chance old Joshy was actually born Dec 25th, 0AD, from contemporaneous roman records & working out the seasons.

Then various catholics and roman emperors stuffed around with the calendars another half dozen times over the years… gregory whatever and his 2 weeks in october, the august debacle, etc etc.

So you either re-align the BC/AD to probably about August, 2 or 3 years later (ie we’re in about Feb 2021 now, and there’s 3.5 years of complete blank in the historical records), and keep using BC/AD:

or call it “BCE/CE” and carry on.


Why not get rid of it all and add 14billion to 2018 ? having CE and BCE seems to be more about anti-theism than really any inclusion of secular society…

From now on it should look like this on your Electricity account…


That is just wrong. The current system was converted from the Roman way of numbering years since Diocletian. It would have been much easier to deal with real history to do this calculation than count years from Creation. The Creation “year” you mention was not cited for another 1100+ years, and then was assigned as 4004 BC, not 5500. And there is no year “0 AD”.


Because it would be an estimate at best, … and could be Billions of years out.

They just adjusted the “presumed” age of the Universe by a shitload after the ABC’s Star Gazing effort the other week based on 3 newly found Supernovae, … so they’d be changing it all the time.


I think it depends who you ask, the guy was mainly trying to calculate easters, and worked out a whole calendar as a byproduct. The point being, it was some concoction of roman stuff, pagan religious stuff (ie dec 25th, which was some other roman god’s birthday) and christian stuff: as understood by some 6th century eastern european monk.

None of it has much to do with anything historical. Let alone relevant.

So I’m fine with CE/BCE. For one thing, it’s in a language people actually speak, which I think is definitely a positive.

Would you prefer if it was era vulgaris, the original (latin) version?




In the Chinese Calendar, the year is 4716.

Needs neither AD/BC or CE / BCE.

It’s also the Year of The Dog, … so Footscray really screwed up an amazing marketing opportunity winning the Flag 2 years ago instead.

fkn Idiots …:roll_eyes:


What is Red Foo up to these days?


Why is it when i got to Bulldog games they only have 1 sheet of toilet paper per cubicle?


He shuffles every day.


What did the triple MMM guys mean by Montangues wife “sweet” and checking it?.. i have never heard this term before?



They’re rubbing the cervix I think which can stimulate something or other to kick-start labour happening. (Clearly I know what I’m talking about!!)

The thingI found most disturbing about that clip is that 2 of the other guys laughed at the comment.


I see… makes more sense now. I was thinking they were using “sweet” as some kind of metaphor… which was really weird.

Yeh the laughing… benefit of the doubt on radio they are trained to laugh at each and everyone of each others comments. … so could have been automatic reaction.


use both sides .
the youth of today probably use many sheets at a time. Old phone books attached on a nail in the dunny those were the days.


‘in my day we had to shard off a bit of obsidian and if you ended up dying it was your own fault’