Dumb Questions Amnesty


Leave the money on the fridge wog


Wtf are the quiz questions (for any1 else that’s not notified that they’re up on a mystery board somewhere over the rainbow) to have a chance of maybe answering a question.
And give the answer slowly so I know where to go at the right time.


They’re updated in the first post.


Why don’t they put more toilet cubicles in female toilets?

There’s ALWAYS a line up, no matter if it’s the footy, the shops or a concert.T


Just convert them all to stalls like in the males toilets. Sitting side by side like battery hens, trying not to stare at each other.


Do women talk to each other in toilets


Or sneak a peek?


You’d need a mirror under a stall on a selfie stick


@Mendozaaaa used to have mirrors on his shoes…or did he lie to me?


Heh. We used to do that in school… those old pencil sharpener mirrors, to see up this hot teacher’s skirt.


Back to my original question. I’m very particular about not even making eye contact.
The only time I’ve seen it happen was in Austin powers


I’ve seen the odd girl or two pee in the male’s urinal, standing up of course. This skill is admirable and a solution to the problem of packed female toilets.


When someone gives you the old hypothetical ‘If you were on a deserted island’ thing, do you imagine an actual…real…bushes and trees and so on island, or do you imagine a cartoon mound of sand with one palm tree?

Cos…I just realised I’ve been doing the latter.


I imagine Brooke Shields from Blue Lagoon, and Bo Derek from “10”

Is that weird?? :smirk:


The urinal cake will dissolve quicker.


No they were hot in their day.


It was a rhetorical question, …


What good are they?


Passing ships are a lot more likely to stop.


Are they doing anything particular