Dumb Questions Amnesty


2 reasons.

  1. because men design them
  2. because so many women take too long to per.


Blame cartoons.


I need more info…what are they doing?


damn you


2 solutions:

  1. Women need to start studying toilet-building
  2. and pee quicker.


Anyone got aphantasia?


Kindred pervs


I’m pretty certain you can get an electronic device for that. Cats do not like the sound it omits.


Has anyone changed ISP’s since connecting to the NBN?

Wondering if it’s a simple process, and whether there was any down time, or was it pretty much a straight swap, and/or any difficulties or dramas during the changeover?’

“Churning” on ADSL wound up a fairly painless event, … I’m hoping its still similar.


Straight, painless swap for me. Admittedly I only installed a VPN afterwards whether that has anything to do with the price of fish.


How does one wear those ■■■■■■ spike shoes to airate your lawns? I bought the bunnings ones and they either come off the shoes easily or kill your feet.

Doesn’t help that our lawns are really clay like so it goes rock hard.



Take a vid, and post it for us!


Hey…drink a slab, and tape yourself doing a 100m sprint with them!


I know this was ‘a thing’ a few years back, but does anyone have any experience in transferring a VHS tape to digital format? (I guess DVD, but I probably want to be able to edit bits, so whatever video file)

It used to be pretty costly, and some just filmed into a mirror and then flipped the image, which hardly seemed worth it.


Early Laptop I had, had an AV in, … and of course stereo Audio in’s, and you could just plug into it instead of a TV, and with a provided or free program (anything like WMC Total Media etc ), you could just hit the button to record, then push play on the VHS, and go to bed while it played at reg speed, and in the morn it was now on the Comp as an MPEG2 file, ready to edit, burn to DVD, convert, whatever.

If you don’t have one with those inputs, you can buy an AV to USB converter fairly cheap these days.


It’s not that hard to get hold of a pack to do it…I know there was one called Dazzle, but that was expensive and over-complicated. There are a few where you get the cables and the app to do it. I haven’t used it since I moved 3 years ago, and don’t know where it is.

I’d start off at JB and try other speciality recording stores if unsuccessful. Could also try online. Shouldn’t cost more than $50


Get the roller man - I’ve never heard of coring shoes.

By the way I love your posts. I had a teacher like you once who used to be derailed completely by telling his daily struggles and it was highly entertaining.



My VHS to digital jobbie is called VideoGlide, if that helps.


I have a combined Video player and DVD reader/writer, and it does a reasonable job copying the VHS on to DVD, but you have to run the whole movie, no quick copy.

I was converting all my old movies, but then I found Pirate Bay and just downloaded much quicker.

I also got a cover your that plugs into a PC from the VHS, but again you have to run the whole movie.

Where do you live, happy to send the computer converter to you, think I can find all the bits.


I had to run the whole movie in normal time too. Don’t know of any high-speed ones.

And I’ve also copied from VHS to a DVD HDD recorder, and converted that DVD to mp4, avi or whatever.