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My dad had the snip in the early 80’s when it was far less common and required a couple of days in hospital. He told his mates he was going to have his tonsils out. Imagine the chortles of the ward staff when they delivered his get well card addressed

Queenstown Hospital
Tonsils Department


Did you get the no needle and no scalpel operation?


Living on borrowed time


This guy

No scalpel.
Pretty sure you need a local anaesthetic injection, though they could give you some anaesthetic cream, which takes about an hour to work.

It’s a ‘blokey’ process, and everyone’s there for the same thing. They hook you up with a stubby holder and some other stuff on the way out.

I think it’s also bulk billed, whereas surgery would cost more and you have to fast, can’t drive because of anaesthetic.


So they didn’t use the Two Bricks approach?

Surgeon was asked “doesn’t that hurt?”. He said”No, not if you get your thumbs out of the way”


What are the winds doing btw


There was a song back in the eighties, called Bomber Blitz, about Essendon, but i cant find it, one of the lines in the song, was, Sheedy in the back said everyone attack and it turned into a Bomberblitz.


Sounds Sweet.


Anyone know it??


Sounds like a ripoff of Barroom blitz by the Sweet


With all these whales washing up in beaches and being, sadly, unable to returned safely to the water.

Would you ever eat whale in Australia if it was made available through this sort of event?


Was that intentional?


Wasn’t it Ballroom Blitz?


Possibly was. To both of those questions.


different song but better


Looking for a lively teppanyaki restaurant to take the work crew for Christmas drinks/dinner.

Any suggestions?


Is this conflicting to anyone else?


What happens if you spray Aeroguard on a bug. Does it try to get away from itself? Does it suffer self loathing? I kinda want all mosquitoes (not our mosquito) to suffer this rather than use it on myself.


Fly spray contains a neuro toxin which effectively suffocates an insect as it shuts down their respiratory system which is why flies spin and carry on because they are struggling to breath.

I assume aeroguard works in a similar way. As for causing self loathing, that’s a novel idea, so great that I hope it’s true. There’s nothing more annoying than that familiar zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz when a mozzie is in your room… usually when you’re just nodding off to sleep…then it’s all action stations to zap that friggin’ mozzie.


Anecdote time.
I was bush camping the last few days, up in the Yarra Ranges. I woke up early one morning, about 6.30, and was sitting in a chair chilling when this mozzie started buzzing around me. I took a few swipes but my morning unco state proved this fruitless. Fished out the Aeroguard and sprayed/wiped some all over. The little blighter kept coming though - bouncing off my skin as if it were trying to defy my protective shield. And by fark it was loud! It was a big mozzie, but inordinately loud - I started to think there was another perched in my earhole, and got up, smacking my ear frantically, poking a finger in trying to hook the little annoying farker, but nah…and then as I was hopping around almost falling into the cold fire pit, cranking my neck awkwardly - I spotted a farking drone flying overhead…