Dumb Questions Amnesty


Do you mean the Animal Enclosure?



Maybe that was it, will run it by him, and see if that was it.


I watched a particularly violent St Kilda Hawthorn game in the early 70s from there. Stewie Trott and David Parkin took turns in getting the suitcase kicked out of them.

Absolutely ■■■■■■■ feral, those buggers in there.

I went to school with a number of St Kilda members.


The latest email re JLT tickets from the club - who the fark is that in a Bomber jumper in front of Hurls?? Am I having a stroke? I don’t recognise him :frowning:


Looks like the love child of Raz and Collyer to me.


I thought Colyer, then I thought maybe Parish if he cut his hair and spent a week on the streets.


A bit of Rama in there also?


My first thought was Stanton, with a little bit of Welsh…


James Kelly and Colyer for me!


Parish after a week on Smack


Did he really mean to say what he said? :thinking:


Dangerfield has turned Malaysian.


It’s Parish


Can someone tell him I have a spare bedroom?


Looks so different there.


Thats where I went.


No wonder there’s all these weird arguments about Parish going on. Blitz doesn’t even recognise him when they see him




Still not sure why C3PO had a red arm in The Last Jedi. Anyone know why?


I barely remember him in it, but hasn’t he had that for a while?
Maybe since he got blown up in Empire?

I dunno, all of that might be completely wrong.

Edit: It is completely wrong. I’d say I was thinking about his silver leg, but that doesn’t work either.