Dumb Questions Amnesty


Interesting language, Australian.
One of the things that struck me most, was how many Australian expressions contained the word ‘■■■■’ - positive, negative, derogatory, congratulatory - eveything has ‘■■■■’ in it. A whole ■■■■-load of ■■■■.


How much should I bid for a 2001 signed EFC Guernsey ?
“Silent auction”


Chris Mew is another one.

And my mates went with Travis Tucked for a while, if someone had had a pretty big night. We never got it to catch on.


There’s a few regional australian ones, but not many.
South australians call milk bars “delis” and half litre glasses “pints”.
New Sth Welsh have parmies, Vics have parmas.
Tasmanians call their sisters “wives”.


Queenslanders call suitcases ports.


This is about the only thing @bugman5 and I argue about.

Slide vs slippery dip
Cantaloupe vs rockmelon
Sausage in bread vs sausage sandwich

(The correct term is the first listed)

At least he says potato cake and not scallop


Stobie pole.

Oh, and togs and swimmers.




Agree entirely


And both of you wrongly pronounce Newcastle Newcarsel.

Listen to the way they pronounce in the original Newcastle up on the Tyne. None of that chinless, bed-wetting southern carsel crap. It’s Newcassel…pet!


Poor edit. you’re still wrong.


Charters Towers -> Charlie’s Trousers


Only forNewcastle on Tyne. It’s Newcarsel under Lyme and Newcarsel on the Hunter


What’s the best way to get your speedo checked? would prefer it not to be via a ticket and a fine :stuck_out_tongue:

reason for asking is that I went through one of those highway speed check thingies and although my speedo said I was doing 102, it said I was doing 95. If it’s seriously that much different I need to know so that I can allow for it and not annoy people by driving too slow!


Lots of things can make your speedo show different from actual speed. Too many to list but it could be as simple as putting on low profile tyres.

I think auto tune or maybe others now can check them on their Dynamometers. O wise those speed check things can be pretty accurate.

Young mate of mine had an app on his phone which checked it via GPS. Not sure how accurate they are though. One of the kids here might know if they are or not.


I set my cruise control to 107.5, because then I am doing 100, based on speed checker on Geelong road (many checks very consistent results). I guess the drop you get from low tyre pressure/worn tyres is minor to the basic difference.

This is one reason why I reckon the road rule is to pull left when safe to do so on any carriageway where limit is over 80. People think they are doing the legal limit and are actually well below it.

I spose my odometer is recording 7.5 % more kms than I’m actually doing, which is annoying.


that’s the speed checker I used - on the way back to Melbourne from Geelong. So either it’s 7km out, or both of us are 7km out!


Well, I’ve been through many speed cameras on cruise control at 107.5 and never been fined. So I reckon it’s the speedo and the checker is right. Most people who think they’re going 100 aren’t.


excellent, thanks heaps!


When my speedo says 103, the speed checker on the Geelong road says 100. Problem is that the satnav nags me if i go over 103.