Dumb Questions Amnesty


So does Mrs Fox.

I can only turn one off though.


Have no trouble turning my missus off…







Keep left on every road…


Sometimes all it takes is for one driver on the Eastern to actually overtake then get back in the middle lane, and everyone else follows.
It makes that road such a breeze when they do.


Exactly!! Just speed up a touch.

All due respect to those above with their cruise control settings. That’s fine, use it, it’s a great option, and the adaptive one is next level cool.

But drivers have to have some awareness, if you’re doing 101 in the right hand lane, and the car in the middle is doing 101, and the car on the left is doing 100 and there’s a convoy of cars stuck behind you. Speed up, move over!!!


I use cruise so I don’t go slower than allowed. BUt if I won’t get past a car in about 10 secs I’ll either speed up or if, annoyingly A car that I was going faster than suddenly speeds up and matches speed to my overtaking speed, then I’ll drop back and falling behind it again… I am very conscious of not sitting in the right lane ever, unless the lane to my left is going slow and I am passing a lot of cars at a decent clip .even then if someone rushes up behind me I’ll get out of their way by pulling left into the slower traffic.


Give or take 5kph



Not recommended on autobahns.


Nor the Long & Winding, or Yellow Brick one either I’ve heard.


I cant read the Herald Sun online and i dont buy the paper. They have a headline of the new food prices at Marvel Stadium. Can anyone please fill me in on what the prices are for pies, chips,hotdogs ,drinks etc ?


Borrow a non built in satnav from someone and check your speed against what it says. It is accurate.


They’re all set to about that, they compensate on the safe side. Veeeery safe.


Every road above 80.


What’s the go with L Platers these days?

Got stuck behind one going stupidly slow on the great ocean road. Was driving a huge 4x4, and ooorly at that.

Aren’t they speed/weight restricted or something?


Isn’t a given that learners might do these things? That’s why they have the L plates to begin with


Not on the GOR though. There’s far too much trouble with Asian drivers driving on the right.


Good old Noonan. Always there for a bit of casual racism or homophobia


It’s not racism, it’s a fact. Drive the Great Ocean Road where they have a lot of Chinese tourists on the road and you will find signs reminding them what side of the road to use.


Thanks for that. Now come and drive the Ocean Road and see for yourself.